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Professional tables

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Nose/mouth plug included
Armrests excluded

At the end of the assembly, each of our medical-professional tables with electrical adjustments is subjected to specific electrical tests according to safety regulations.

The checks are carried out directly in production with certified instrumentation and periodically checked as well.

Furthermore, a final check list is followed and compiled in the department before the product release and authorization to proceed with the packaging of the adjustable table.

This occurs for all our medical devices in general.

As evidence of this attention paid to the final checks and electrical tests, a Factory Test Certificate is issued to accompain the adjustable table in delivery.

If this certificate is needed, as well as the electrical test report for a single serial number or more they can also be requested later.

Model types

They are the result of an experience spanning over several decades. Chinesport offers a wide range of height-adjustable treatment tables for examination, transfer, physical therapy, manipulation, specific treatment and massage. Professionals and practitioners all over the world appreciate their long lasting reliability.

Our tables are sturdy, stable and noiseless with levers and hinges which slide along self-lubricating bushings, preventing thus wearing and squeaking while in function. They can be set up according to several options and they can also be fitted with many specific accessories.

Examination and treatment tables consisting mainly of two sections, with a 68 cm-long head section that can be used as a backrest. The backrest can have positive and negative tilt adjustment by gas spring. Some models are also available with larger wheels and safety siderails to be used for patient transport or as changing table.

USE DESTINATION: examination, patient transport, massage, treatments. 

Multi-functional three sections tables for examination and specific treatments. In some versions, the seating section is tilt-adjustable via another motor. As a result, these tables can easily change into a seated, relaxation, Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position even with the patient lying on the table.

USE DESTINATION: examination, patient transport, podology, gynecology, urology, cardiology, geriatrics, blood donation, phelobotomy, treatments.

Distinguishing feature in these tables is that during height adjustment the individual sections remain completely motionless. This makes them particularly suitable for smaller environments or to make the best use of available space, as well as to maintain the position chosen for exercises once the pulley therapy system has been set up.

USE DESTINATION: physical therapy, pulley therapy, manipulations.

These tables were developed for physiotherapy, osteopathy and other specific treatment methods. The head section length is 52 cm and it can be fitted with armrests to provide greater comfort. They allow different postural positions and an extended use in gynecology is foreseen for one model.

USE DESTINATION: physical therapy, osteopathy, postural exercises, treatments, manipulations.

Our Sinthesi couches allow therapists to effortlessly place patients in countless myofascial stretching postures that can be easily maintained for longer periods of time and without strain. Various techniques can be applied to facilitate recovery in myofascial elongation, increase joint movement range and achieve an antalgic posture as a relief from acute pain.

USE DESTINATION: physical therapy, postural exercises, pulley therapy,  myofascial stretching and mobilizations, treatments, manipulations.

These are large physical therapy tables with a surface area up to four square meters. The patients can be guided through a wide range of exercises and sensory experiences, as well as postural adjustments. A special version also allows static supine exercises without having to move the patient.

USE DESTINATION: neurology, sensory exercises, massage, treatments, manipulations.

With this range, Chinesport is branching out into beauty, spa and massage tables with some specific optional features such as sections heated at two different temperatures and led lights for combining chromotherapy effects. These tables can also achieve the Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position via a dual telescopic column system.

USE DESTINATION: examination, aesthetics, massage, treatments, manipulations.

Head section and padded segments

This part of the code indicates mainly the specific model featuring its dimensions, the number of padded sections and their regulation options as well as the kind of head section, which can be with or without nose-mouth breathing hole. The hole can be standard or of any other shape for the best comfort. The hole lid is included when the hole is standard. If the head section is 68 cm long it can be used as a back rest.








Plus standard


Plus luxury

This type of section is provided with a padded cushion which can be removed and which is the same color as the upholstery chosen. The specific lid can be ordered as accessory.

In case your device has a head section with a luxury breathing hole the lid must be ordered as accessory. To use the lid, the standard included cushion in this type of section must be removed. Dimensions: Ø 27 x 4 h cm.

Type of control

Chinesport tables can be adjusted in height with an electric command or with a hydraulic piston. In the case of electric adjustment the choice can be of a maximum standard safe load up to 200 kg according to the model chosen, or over up to 250 kg. Furthermore, some models can have a second electric motor for adjusting the different padded sections to further help the professionals, avoiding any effort in this sense, and also to make movements smooth during the adjustment.

In general the frame height adjustment is from a minimum of 45-47 cm to a maximum of almost 100 cm or more. Standard electrical supply is 220 V 50 – 60 Hz and all controls work at low tension regime. Clients can request a power supply of 110 V 50 – 60 Hz and not a SHUKO plug. The minimum level of protection of the electrical parts is IP 54.

Electric, with foot switch

The foot switch is placed on the floor. The connection cable allows complete freedom of movement.

 Safe working load - standard

 Safe working load - extra

Electric, with foot switch on its base

The control is securely placed in a cradle attached at the base of the structure.

 Safe working load - standard

 Safe working load - extra

Electric, all around operation

It can be reached from anywhere around the table, without having to locate the foot switch.

 Safe working load - standard

 Safe working load - extra

Electric, with hand control

Ergonomic hand control with magnet. Users can attach it wherever they wish on the table frame.

 Safe working load - standard

 Safe working load - extra

Electric, two motors with foot switch

It can be used for models that have two electric actuators.

 Safe working load - standard

Electric, two motors with hand control

It can be used with models that have two electric actuators.

 Safe working load - standard

Electric with hand control and keypad

It is a dual electric adjustment for height and Trendelenburg /anti-Trendelenburg position, exclusive to Alux tables.

 Safe working load - standard

Hydraulic version, with double pedal

In this case the frame height adjustment can be carried out by means of a reliable hydraulic piston.

 Safe working load - standard

Other option

Additional options are available to configure our tables such as wheels with central braking system for easy transfer of the table, safety siderails, or additional side armrests to allow wider range of postures and exercises. The central braking system with one single, ergonomic foot switch control can be activated easily and noiselessly.

 Without wheels

When inserting the product configuration code, please specify if you are not interested in any of the options available for position 7 of the code, and in particular not intestered in the wheels.

 Wheels and central braking system

Swiveling, non-marking wheels with a central braking system activated via a single foot pedal. Moving the table is extremely comfortable and requires no effort. The table cannot be moved when a patient is lying on the table.

 Safety siderails

Siderails offer greater safety to patients while they are lying on the table, or when the professional needs to step away temporarily. They can be fitted as and when needed thanks to an easy manual mechanism.

 With wheels and safety siderails

Please indicate if you would like the table to be fitted with wheels and safety siderails, for greater patient safety. The wheels braking system is controlled by a single foot pedal.

 Additional armrests

Padded supports are available in the same color as the upholstery of the chosen model. They can be rotated by 180° and moved by 12 cm.

 With wheels and armrests

Here you can select to add wheels to the table configuration, in addition to the armrests that can rotate by 180°.

 Compact safety siderails

These are alternative safety siderails that can be attached exclusively to the VISIT TRANSFER table. 

Edges finishing and heating system

The different parts of the bed can have a different level of finishing of the upholstery. As an example, the edges can be seamless or with a square edge to make contact softer. It is also possible to choose the heating for the trunk and legs sections for patient’s greater comfort. Two levels of temperature can be chosen.

Seamless edges

 Seamless edges

 Seamless edges with heating

Squared edges

 Seamless edges

 Seamless edges with heating



Padding thickness and density

The standard padding thickness is of 40 mm with 30 kg/m3 density. Our Upholstery Department is also able to deal with particular non-standard requests. In such cases, an additional charge may be applied.

Panel stability

Panels are secured to the frame by means of bushings. If required, these bushings can also be easily replaced when the padded section wears out or is damaged.


All the padded sections of our professional tables are adjustable by an ergonomic hand control which activates one or more gas springs. This control handle is an original Chinesport design element as a result of our constant wish to care about details.The adjustment of the sections by a gas spring is continuous, constant and silent. The selected gas spring representes another quality choice which has turned out very reliable in time.


A patented design

The two half-moon levers of Chinesport height adjustable tables represent an original and protected design in EU.

Product customization

It is also worth remembering that our Research & Development department is continually developing new options and accessories to achieve table configurations that increasingly meet the professionals’ individual requirements.


Professional tables

Configuration guide - Height adjustable tables - Visit line - Test line - Unix line - Ther line - Sinthesi line - Ther Drop line - Bobath line - Alux line - Technical data - Fixed height tables - Fixed height tables - Folding tables - Accessories - Common accessories - Specific accessories - Cushions and stools - Other furniture

Brochure, Ed. Dec. 2023, English. 100 pages.

Document date: 01/12/2023
PDF 10.24 MB


Elektromedizinische Geräte, - Passive und assistive Übungen - Aktive Übungen - Propriozeptive Übungen -Seilzug-Therapie - Beschäftigungstherapie - Stehgeräte und Mobilität - Stehtische - Gehbarren und Treppen - Gehhilfen - Laufbänder - Traktionsgeräte - Medizinische Gymnastik und Haltungsgymnastik - Hydrotherapie - Analyse der Körperhaltung - Patientenlifter und Transfer - Hygiene - Sessel mit Aufstehhilfe - Patiententransport

Chinesport Brochure, Gedruckt in Janur 2021. Tedesco, 92 Seiten.

Document date: 01/01/2021
PDF 12.57 MB
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