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Chinesport S.p.A has developed a complete series of electro-medical equipment with related accessories, designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality, making use of the latest technology and fully in compliance to current standards and regulations.

So a wide range of therapeutic applications is available, always guaranteeing patient and therapist safety.

How does TCare work?

TCare is a Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer or CRET device. It delivers radiofrequency energy that passes between an active and passive electrode to generate therapeutic effects in the body. One of these effects is generating heat and therefore CRET can be considered as a form of thermotherapy. Within the spectrum of electrophysiological modalities that are commonly used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, CRET is also know as diathermy which literally means “to heat up”. A big and essential difference between conventional short wave diathermy (SWD) and CRET is the frequency or wavelengths of the radiowaves that are used. Conventional SWD uses frequencies of 13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz or 40.68 MHz, whereas our TCare uses much smaller frequencies of 0.8 MHz, 1.0 MHz or 1.2 MHz. The effects on cells and tissue of TCare are therefore quite different.

Chinesport’s modality continuum

Within the spectrum of chinesport devices, our TCare takes a unique position in the lower end of the high frequency range of devices.This makes TCare very compatible with other forms of electrophysiological therapies since it complements their therapeutic effects.

Chinesport’s TCare is a monopolar CRET device. This means that we make use of separate active and passive electrodes during treatments. The distance between these electrode can be very large. For example, the patient can stand on the passive electrode with one foot and hold the active electrode in the opposite hand in functional treatments for shoulder injuries. The effects of monopolar devices reach much deeper structures, such as joints and deep musculature, than bipolar radiofrequency devices.

As a form of thermotherapy CRET produces 3 different effects in tissues. Firstly, it increases tissue temperature which increases soft tissue extensibility and consequently increases muscle flexibility and reduces muscle tension and spasm. Secondly, as tissue temperature rises, vasodilatation will occur. This improves general blood circulation which produces an influx of nutrients, thus promoting tissue repair and healing. Thirdly, as circulation improves hypoxic conditions in damaged tissues are reversed. This halts the production and release of pain-creating substances, thus having a positive effect on pain, spasm, joint contracture and reducing tissue fibrosis.

It is important to understand that CRET provides non-thermal, as well as thermal effects. Ionization of tissue molecules will cause physiological oscillations that create vibratory energy. Part of this energy will lead to endogenous heat production in the tissues. This will lead to vascularisation in the tissues and eventually with increasing temperature to hyper-activation. But some of the energy is used to directly increase cell metabolism through and increase ATP and ADP synthesis. The latter influences the cell membrane and receptors. This phenomenon improves cellular regeneration and modulates pain sensations. The ratio between thermal and non-thermal effects depends largely on the electrical properties or impedance of specific tissues and the condition of these tissues, i.e. wether they are injured or not. CRET treatments can therefore be very selective.

Thermal and non-thermal effects


  • No temperature increase in tissue
  • Stimulates metabolism and lymphatic drainage
  • Suited for acute, inflammatory processes


  • Mild temperature increase due to increased micro-circulation
  • Increases drainage, now also venous; improves tissue oxygenation and tissue metabolism
  • Suited for subacute, healing processes


  • High thermal effects
  • Further increase in haemodynamic flow; vasodilatation
  • Reduces tissue tensions; increases tissue compliance
  • Chronic processes and regeneration

Designed with you in mind

All within easy reach

TCare’s carefully designed console safely holds all essential accessories so that everything is within easy reach for you during treatments. Don’t run the risk of dropping sensitive handpieces!

Simple touch of a button

The front panel includes all controls in an easy overview-able configuration. At a simple touch of a button you can change treatment parameters without an unnecessary hassle.

Easily adapt to any therapeutic situation

A complete range of capacitive and resistive handpiece lie within easy reach. You can change handpiece sizes easily to adapt to anatomical topography and remain effective and efficient at all times.

Cream of the crop

Patented Roll-On handpiece ensure economical and efficient distribution of conductive cream. No more greasy, slippery hands during treatments!

Keep an eye on parameters at all times

The carefully designed lay-out of the front panel allows you to easily see all essential treatment parameters during your treatments. When needed just change parameters at the touch of a button.

Selective tissue treatments

Capacitive and resistive modes of operation allow you to determine which tissues you will focus your treatments on to gain better therapeutic effects.

More frequencies, more options

Three frequencies allow you to manage the depth and intensity of your treatments.

Maximum hygiene for your patients

Roll-On inserts allow you to keep hygiene at a maximum. Patients can now have their own personalised Roll-On insert for the duration of the entire therapy.

Easy cleaning

The entire console surface is easy to clean without risking the damage you can do to sensitive touchscreens and controls.

More comfort for your patients

The flexible, smaller passive plate with protected edge, allows it to adapt to the patient’s anatomy to increase comfort during treatments. More over it is easily cleaned and reused, without having the cost of expensive consumables.


Electromedical equipment

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Brochure, Ed. Dec. 2023, English. 60 pages.

Document date: 01/12/2023
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Tcare™ cellular regeneration therapy

Introduction to the TCare device - Testimonials - Designed with you in mind - How does TCare work - What are the effects of a TCare treatment - Precise treatment effects and tissue selectivity - Fields of application - The patented roll-on handpiece -The TCare device - Introduction to the GPS Therapeutic Pathways - The GPS Therapeutic Pathways courses - The GPS Academy - Chinesport, just a click away

Brochure, Ed. Nov. 2019. English. 36 pages.

Document date: 01/11/2019
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Video courses

The GPS Academy has now become an international network through which we endeavour to educate by means of workshops, seminars, conferences, in-company customized training and consultancy, and online media.

TCare - Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer Therapy
C.R.E.T. therapy is an essential tool in global posture correction and reeducation. In this FREE series you will discover different treatment protocols. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

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