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Medical gym


Equipment and tools to carry out gymnastic exercises and rehabilitation, fitness and sports.


Tools for low-impact exercises, method based on simple and lenses movements in order to awaken the sensitivity of all parts of the body.

Mattresses and pillows foam covered in leather. Airex line mattresses and pillows for the rehabilitation, with closed cell structure that provide a stable, safe and comfortable support.


Psychomotor tools for the preparation of motor programs in gyms; balls of various sizes useful for rehabilitation in case of neurological and orthopedic pathologies. Wall bars, useful tools for performing therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises against back pain.


They are useful tools to carry out postural exercises to be aware of their own spine and to control the wrong posture that we tend to take in daily life (car, work, etc.). In the long run these wrong postures can cause alterations of the physiological curves and an imbalance of the musculoskeletal system causing pain.


Aims of medical gym:

  • learning to control the spine in everyday movements;
  • reducing pain;
  • preventing relapses;
  • compensation and balance of the rachis when the work or sports force to positions or movements that alter the physiological curves;
  • decompression of intervertebral discs when the pressure on the spine is high;
  • acting on risk factors such as sedentary lifestyle, reduced joint mobility.


Medical gym includes exercises of respiratory and postural education, mobilization, decompression, strengthening and stabilization of muscles. These are useful exercises also to improve balance and proprioception.



“In the work and sport life, some postures or movements which imply an excessive pressure of the spine discs are often adopted and done. In such cases, it is important to perform some exercises to lessen the pressure on the discs. Relief can be obtain in some ways:

  • Actively with some stretching exercises;

  • Manually, when traction is performed by the carer (very efficacious because the carer can feel and check on the patient’s reactions directly);

  • In a natural way with suspension exercises and with some devices which allow gravity inversion;

  • With some traction devices for the spine which focus the lessening effect at a given point and enable to adjust the power of traction as desired.”

Prof. Benedetto Toso


Experience and professionalism can allow a creative work using the wall bars in the combination to different tools extending the variety of exercises for the postural training and awareness of the right movements for healthy posture.

In this exercise, a 07910 suspension structure was applied to the model wall bars code 04540 in combination with a set of different tools, accessories. In particular, a small padded bench is used 04820 and a proprioceptive cushion called DISCOSIT code 04952 for carrying out exercises in sitting position.

In addition this person is using two wrist bands code AC0060 then attached with carabiners AC0094 and rope stopper AC0293 to the blue cord 07981. The use of a pulley  with another carabiner, that's applied to the upper metal structure, allows mobilization and stretching exercises forwards, backwards and on the side in rotation.


Medical and postural gym

Wall bars - Benches - Posture mirrors - Mats - Airex mats - MDF and foldable mats - Coloured mats - Cushions - Coloured cushions - Special cushions - Balls - Large balls - Training balls - Proprioceptive devices - Devices - Low-impact exercises - Psychomotor tools - Bands and tubes - Weights - Trampolines

Brochure, Ed. April 2024, English. 40 pages.

Document date: 01/04/2024
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Home wall bars - exercises 1-6

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