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The Active Lumbar Traction (ALT) is originates from the swedish method of auto-traction, a mechanical type of treatment for lumbosciatic pain due to benign mechanical compression causes. Among the mechanical causes we can include radicular syndromes due to protruded or herniated discs, as well as the insidious spinal stenosis syndromes.

Another facilitation for the traction therapy is the "EUROTRAK", an electronic equipment programmed to perform lumbar or cervical therapeutic tractions, in static, continuous or intermittent modes.

BACK SCHOOL suggests the use of supports to maintain the physiological curves not only during the daily activities but also during the exercises on the mat and the relaxation session.

The EUROTRAK TOUCH electronic traction unit is designed to be used with a specific therapy table made by Chinesport or another manufacturer. In any case the traction unit needs and additional, purpose-built support frame, and we can provide technical drawing for the supporting metal plate.


We propose two optional therapy tables to be combined with our electronic traction unit: the model called ALFATRAC is at fixed height, the alternative BETATRAC is with a frame height adjustment.

Option 1

Eurotrak touch fitted to Betatrac table, with height adjustment.

Option 2

Eurotrak touch fitted to Alfatrac table, with fixed height.





In static mode the unit exerts a steady force, equal to the set value, throughout the treatment.


In dynamic mode there are four phases as shown in the diagram while the table gives the parameters for each phase.

Phase 1: traction
  • Traction time
  • Traction force

Phase 2: pause
  • Pause time
  • Recovery: percentage of the traction force one wants to be maintained during the pause time

Phase 3: increment
  • Increment speed: force increment speed, in kg/s, to change from the selected pause value (recovery) to the selected traction value

Phase 4: decrement
  • Decrement speed: force decrement speed, in kg/s, to change from the selected traction value to the selected pause value (recovery)

Dynamic intermittent

In dynamic mode, you can set the parameters related to the intermittent operation in the screen that appears when pressing the NEXT key. You can enable or disable the intermittent operating mode for each phase (the reference phases are those described in the previous paragraph). An instance of the intermittent operation is described in the diagram, with reference to the traction phase.


“In the work and sport life, some postures or movements which imply an excessive pressure of the spine discs are often adopted and done. In such cases, it is important to perform some exercises to lessen the pressure on the discs. Relief can be obtain in some ways:

  • Actively with some stretching exercises;

  • Manually, when traction is performed by the carer (very efficacious because the carer can feel and check on the patient’s reactions directly);

  • In a natural way with suspension exercises and with some devices which allow gravity inversion;

  • With some traction devices for the spine which focus the lessening effect at a given point and enable to adjust the power of traction as desired.”

Prof. Benedetto Toso


Brochure - Tractions

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