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Tables, with fixed or adjustable height, designed for lumbar and / or cervical tractions, or other physical therapy treatments, for stretching muscles, and other therapies. 


Therapy manual - Vertebral tractions

Introduction - The effects of spinal traction - Types of spinal traction - Continuous traction - Intermitent mechanical traction - Manual traction - Positional traction - Active Lumbar traction - Indications and contraindications - Herniated disc with protrusion - McKenzie’s extension basics - Degenerative discopathy - Articular hypomobility (Articular dysfunction) - Contraindications for spinal traction - Lumbar traction techniques - Introduction - Traction weights and body friction - A table with mobile sections - The patient must be in relax - Traction belts - Patient’s positions - Type of traction - Prone position - Protective scoliosis - Cervical traction techniques - Introduction - Traction angles - Chin strap - Traction weights - Patient in relax - Treatment duration - Temporomandibular joint - Manual cervical traction - Unilateral cervical traction - Conclusions
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Set of traction belts

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