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Tilt tables

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Safe working load (SWL)

Regaining and maintaining an upright posture can be a great achievement for a person after a trauma, an accident, an illness. In this case, the tilt tables becomes a valuable aid to gradually recover this function as part of a rehabilitation program.

Chinesport has two main types of static beds: the reclining beds progressively up to almost 90%, with the possibility of interruption at any intermediate stage, and the height-adjustable beds for physical therapy treatments.

In particular, the tilt-adjustable static tables can be used with the patient in a supine or prone position, modifying their configuration (LT4 series). The inclination of these beds is, therefore, electrically adjustable or with a hydraulic piston.

The height and inclination adjustable static tables, on the other hand, can only have a mains or battery power supply, and they are equipped with two electric actuators (LT2 series and Bobath LB492 bed model).

Our beds are intended for use in functional recovery gyms, specialized centers, and also for home use, for adults and children.

LT4 - Configurable tilt tables

Marcus tilt tables (LT4 series) are very versatile, adaptable to the different needs of the therapist and patient.

They are characterized by a variety of options with regard to the adjustment of the inclination, the footrests, the width of the padded segments. They can then allow a static supine or prone posture.

For those who do not want an electrical power supply, the Marcus table can also be configured with a hydraulic piston and pedal inclination adjustment.

LT2 - Tilt tables with 2 electric actuators

The tilt tables configured with two electric actuators (LT2 series) are ideal when you want to optimize the available space.

They can therefore be used alternatively for physical therapy treatments or for static exercises in the supine position.

A safety device guarantees the possibility of activating the inclination adjustment only when the table is at the minimum height from the floor.

They can be characterized by a different safety workload.

LB492 - Bobath line

The Bobath tilt table was born from the collaboration with a renowned Italian hospital center to avoid transfers during the gym rehabilitation session. This model is an evolution of the LT2 series.

In particular, it was designed to avoid transfers from the tilt table to the large Bobath-type table, saving time during a single session in the gym and making more comfortable the patient work.

A footrest module is therefore supplied as standard with this Bobath table for its transformability into a table that can also be adjusted in inclination.


In case of order for all Chinesport tilt table, free choice is left for the number and type of containment bands and any additional lateral support accessories.

There are numerous accessories for variety of solutions and they've been gradually introduced over time by constant discussion with professionals and the need to give an answer to the specific cases.


Brochure - Tilt Tables brochure

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LT2 Tilt table series - A quick overview

LT2 Tilt table series - A quick overview

LT2 Tilt table series - Presentation

LT2 Tilt table series - Accessories

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