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Tilt tables

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Safe working load (SWL)

Four-section tilt table for supine position static exercises, examination and physical therapy for up to 180 kg. Can be adjusted in height and tilt up to 90°, with wall power supply, 24V low voltage, and operated by hand control. It is fitted with a tilt angle indicator which can be applied freely by the caregiver in the prefereable position. Height from ground is 56 cm. Head end section can be adjusted up/down by gas spring. 

The table does not come with any containment band, which must be chosen from among the accessories available.

A central arrangementbetween the lower limbs support sections also allows forthe restraining strap to be better fitted and secured bymeans of accessory AC0912.

Leg separator accessoryAC0911 can also be fitted.

Table padding with side panel.Casters have a pedal-activated braking system. Footplatescan be independently adjusted by +/- 20° and removedwhen required during physical therapy sessions. A specificsafety device is fitted to allow for the table to be loweredmanually in case of power interruption.



This model was designed to help both carer and patient during gym rehabilitation programmes, to avoid the time and possible inconvenience of a transfer from a specific table to another.


Tilt tables

Introduction - LT4 - MARCUS series - Configuration guide - The basic models - Tilt adjustment - Handset or foot switch - Three types of footplates - Two different sections width - Upholstery features and colours - Accessories - Straps and other padded elements - Variety of side supports - Service tray and related elements - To transform the tilt table - Footplates and sandals - Electric parts - The models - LT2 series and LB492 Bobath tilt table - LT2 models - LB492 model - Chart of the accessories

Brochure, Ed. April 2024, English. 40 pages.

Document date: 01/04/2024
PDF 2.89 MB


Bobath Tilt Table 2ET

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