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Following our tradition, there are various mobile and fixed hoisting systems in the range, for assisted or independent transfer, and the choice can be made in relation to the residual motor skills of the patient. In particular, passive mobile hoists are available (eg. Alulift series), active sit-to-stand (eg. Easy Up, Vitalift, James), or the so-called Struzzo device for autonomous lifting and transfer. Lastly we also have fixed pool hoists.

The models

Passive hoists

Mobile compact floor hoists (in lighter versions) and easy to move. Useful for passive lifting of disabled and elderly non-autonomous patients from a lying or sitting position. They allow caregivers to easily sling and hoist patients, reducing effort and avoiding improper movements. They enable the person to be moved easily thanks to their non-marking casters. Supplied with 2 or 4 hook slingbars and a set of dedicated slings.

USE DESTINATION: non autonomous patients transport.

Sit-to-stand hoists (Active hoist)

Mobile compact sit-to-stand hoists easy to move. Useful for verticalization and transport for independent patients who need help in lifting from a sitting to a standing position safely in order to move to the bathroom, toilet or bed. Equipped with support belts with 2 or 4 hooking points and casters for moving the device.

USE DESTINATION: patients with some mobility but need assistance to lift from a sitting position.

Autonomous hoist (Struzzo)

Mobile standers of the Struzzo series allow users with sufficient control of their arms to achieve and maintain an upright posture for more independent performance and feeling. The device is electric, equipped with a joystick connected to a motor and wheels for transfer and movement in complete autonomy. They can be equipped with a remote control to allow the device to be parked further away and recalled when needed.

USE DESTINATION: active users with limited movements that want to recover their autonomy.

Swimming pool hoists

Our electric pool hoisting solutions allow low-mobility people to be transferred into the water with two different systems: either by means of a 4-point sling bar and dedicated loop slings, or in a seated position by means of a self-balancing seat. They are available for pools with barrier as well as for below ground level's pools, facilitating an agile transfer in both swimming pools and hydrotherapy pools.

USE DESTINATION: swimming pool transfer for people with low-mobility.


Hoisting systems

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Chinesport Brochure, Edition October 2023.
English language, 44 pages.

Language: English, German, French, Spanish
Document date: 31/10/2023
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Pool lift with seat

Pool lift with seat

Pool lift with stretcher

Alulift 180P mobile hoisting system - Passive patient transfer

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