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The swimming pool, accessible for all.

Our lifting systems for swimming pools of the LIFTPOOL series allow the transfer of the person in the water with a suitable loop sling or in a sitting position. We have a wide range of loop slings available in five sizes. Please review standard or hygiene harnesses.

For floor application

For installation by the pool, you can choose between two solutions: 1) the socket with hole (accessory code 14185) or 2) the plate fixed to the floor (accessory code 14165). The prepared plate raises the entire structure of the lift by 20 cm.

Pool socket with hole

Fixed plate to the floor

Both shell or plate solutions therefore have their identification code as a necessary accessory. In the case of a hole in the floor, the inserted shell is supplied with a closing cap. Once inserted, the lift can, therefore, rotate 360 ° and the operator has comfortable grip handles. The safe working load is 135 kg.

The lifter can also be removed from its position by a single person, and it is also possible to reduce its storage space by following a specific procedure.

There are two basic models for lifting with loop sling (Liftpool E model - code 14190) or in a sitting position (LiftPool Seat E - code 14250), whose common feature is to be able to overcome architectural barriers up to 60 cm in case of installation with socket, or up to 80 cm if floor application is with plate. In these cases the maximum height that the lifter can reach is 204-205 cm or 222-223 cm respectively.

When the swiming pool edge is higher

If the height of the pool edge is higher than 60-80 cm, there are two specific models of lifters that are able to go beyond this barrier.
These are the sling lift called LiftPool E MAXI - code 14230, and the alternative lift with seat LiftPool Seat E MAXI - code 14240.

In particular, these models are capable of going beyond architectural barriers up to 120 or 140 cm in height depending on whether the configuration is respectively with a shell or with a plate.

When a harness is needed

When the person is unable to maintain a seated position or in preference to the operator, the lifting system for swimming pools allows the person to be transferred into the water with a suitable loop sling.

In this case, the lift is then supplied with a special standard slingbar for the application of the harness.

Chinesport has a wide range of harnesses available in five sizes. Please review standard or hygiene harnesses. The latter are more recommended.

The wheelchair supplied as standard

The lift models with seat called Liftpool Seat are supplied as standard with a special wheelchair, which allows the person to enter the pool without having to make further intermediate transfers if the person is able to maintain the sitting position.

The wheelchair is therefore equipped with armrests, folding foot rests, and swivel wheels with individual parking brake, and its upper structure with the seat is quickly attached to the arm of the lift.

The wheelchair is supplied in the same color option chosen for the structure of the LiftPool Seat lift.

When you are already in a sitting position

Consequently, the operator can proceed to disconnect the seat from the wheelchair with the person in charge, and to lead him into the water in a fully assisted way by the electrically operated lift.

The side armrests and the backrest itself offer the necessary safe containment of the person during the lifting and immersion phases.

A legs extension support

In this configuration of the LiftPool lifter with seat, it is also possible to apply an extension to fully extend the legs accessory code 14255, creating a condition of further support in the taking advantage of immersion in water.

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Electrical lifting with battery

The lifting arm is assisted by an electric actuator powered by a rechargeable 24 V battery. The battery charger is supplied as standard. The electric height adjustment takes place with a push-button control, and the lift is equipped with an emergency lowering mechanism.

A spare battery can always be useful to possibly avoid the risk of service interruptions. It is an accessory code AC0071.

The frame colour

 Blue colour

 Grey colour

 White colour

To meet aesthetic needs, and to harmonize with the environment or with the color choices of the pool furnishings, the lift structure can be chosen in three different colors: blue, white or gray.

Our LiftPool series are therefore configurable, meaning that the identification code of the color of the structure must also be associated with the code of the model of interest. In particular, B corresponds to the Blue color, G corresponds to the gray, and W corresponds to white to be added to the code of the chosen lift model.

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