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The walker is a valuable tool for people using it in the framework of a rehabilitation program by encouraging a flowing walking pattern. It is also an extremely useful aid for a large number of elderly or people with generally reduced mobility in order to preventing or significantly reducing the risk of falls.

A nephew’s testimonial about his loved grandmother

« My grandmother broke her thigh-bone at home in August last year. As a result, she underwent emergency surgery and subsequently remained confined in bed for three months with assisted mobilization of the left limb in full extension. The care and attention that she received made the difference, as also did her high motivational level. However, the bedridden condition risked to worsen her general clinical picture. Eventually she returned home and started walking again using a walker that had two wheels on the front and two ferrules on the back.

This aid proved immediately very useful as it helped my grandmother to regain the necessary safety and confidence in walking, so much so that she was again able to go to the bathroom by herself, thus eliminating the use of diapers. From the moment she started walking again, she continued her rehabilitation program with greater vigour, with consequent steady, gradual recovery of self-sufficiency in all daily activities, renewed strength and gesture coordination.

On many occasions, my thought went to the walker that accompanies her throughout the day, stabilizes her posture, reduces the load on the lower limbs, allows the proper distribution of the same during walking, and gives her the security for interacting with the surrounding environment.

Now that we are at the end of March, we have started to go out as far as the hairdresser with another walker for outdoor use, that is to say, with four large wheels, equipped with brakes and a practical basket. We tried to replace the first walker with the one for outdoor use, but the latter is not so easy to use at home due to its bigger size. Ultimately, grandma decided to keep them both.

Eight months have now elapsed and everything is going well, but if she had started using this aid before falling, we would have avoided this dangerous experience. »

March 2015

Dr. Davide Snidero
Chinesport Vice-President


Walking aids

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Brochure, Ed. April 2024, English. 20 pages.

Document date: 01/04/2024
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