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Assistive training

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Motolife™ is born with the aim to improve the lifestyle quality, the health state and the psycho-physical wellbeing of all the people who have a physical or neurological impairment of the lower and upper limbs.

Therefore, it is of great help for the functional recovery or for the prevention and invertion complications strictly related to the problems of mobility impairment and immobility. It is adequate for home use or in clinics, medical offices or at therapy centers for exercising the upper and lower limbs.

Benefits of the movement therapy with the use of a motorized cycle-ergometer are widely treated in several international papers. They deal mainly with the prevention or invertion of complications which are directly linked to the lack of movement and mobility and especially with the reduction of muscle spasticity, the muscle atrophy caused by immobility, the increase of specific peripheral circulation and the improvement or maintenance of the joint mobility and the slow-down of the case history of neurological pathologies such as a stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc.


MOTOLIFE is ideal for users affected by palsy or limited mobility of the legs or arms, caused by:

  • Neurological pathologies such as brain stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post-polio syndrome, traumatic brain injury, infantile cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, paraplegia or tetraplegia;
  • Orthopedic pathologies such as rheumatism, ostheoarthritis, total knee or hip endoprosthesis, injuries involving the knee ligament;
  • Metabolism pathologies and of the cardiovascular system (e.g. arteriosclerosis, diabetes mellitus type 2, high blood pressure, PVD, osteoporosis);
  • Further therapy for patients under hemodialysis, patients affected by chronic obstructed pulmonary disease or patients with low physical strength in general;
  • Circulatory problems at the legs and in the internal organs;
  • Geriatric conditions or other problems which lead to the reduction of the movement capacity.


Prevent, reduce and lessen the consequences of the problems related to the loss or limit of mobility especially:

  • Avoid muscle weakness
  • Reinforce muscles as they are
  • Reduction of pain
  • Recovery of muscle tone
  • Keep and improve mobility
  • Activate or stabilize circulation
  • Increase resistance
  • Improve cognition and perception
  • Improve symmetry


In the case there is no residual motorial activity for the lower limbs, MotoLife® allows to perform passive pedalling movement, in which the feet and the legs are pulled by the motor at a speed previously set (passive kinesitherapy). When used for the upper limbs, in the case there is no residual motorial activity, MotoLife® allows to move passively the arms in a cyclic way.


Whenever the user is capable of pedalling, even weakly, by using his or her own force, the motor offers assistance to start and maintain the motion at the pre-set speed (assisted movement). If the user is capable of going over the speed of the motor and keep a pedalling by himself or herself MotoLife® may make resistance and it can be adjusted in order to increase the work of the muscles and improve the cardiopulmonary efficiency (active kinesitherapy).Passing from one mode to the other can happen automatically: the on-board computer checks in real time and continuously the force exerted on the pedals or on the handgrips by the user and it adjusts the level of assistance o resistance of the motor accordingly.

Spasticity control

A safety control is present to detect at all times and in real time if there are any muscular spasms during therapy. The system interrupts the therapy in case a spasm is detected and inverts gradually the direction of the pedalling. The sensibility of the detection can be set to adjust the device in the best way for the user.

Knee, hip and ankle CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) devices, used during the first phase of rehabilitation to aid in recovery after joint surgery. The purpose of this therapy is the restoration of range of motion in patients with pathologies both surgically treated such as synovectomy, arthroscopic surgery for calcific tendonitis, acromioplasty, tenotomy, and non surgically treated such as brachial plexus lesions, humerus fractures, tendinopathies, arthritis.

Our FISIOTEK devices let the specific joint move through a an extended period of time, gradually moving the affected joint through a prescribed arc of motion. The goals of this rehabilitation are control post-operative pain, reduce inflammation, and protect the healing repair or tissue.

The FISIOTEK 3000 equipment line is operated by a direct-current motor controlled by a micro-card. Functions programmable via a fixed keyboard. A movable keyboard allows patients to start and stop movement by pressing the relevant keys. The limb positioning area is on top the device and is adjustable to the size of the patient's limb. The adjustment depends on the limb length, as measured from the greater trochanter to the malleolus.


Assistive and passive training

Assistive and passive training - The Motolife™ introduction - Therapeutic indications - Movement modes - Main features - The adjustments - The software - Main devices - Accessories - Continous passive rehabilitation - For upper limbs - Fisiotek LT for shoulder - Fisiotek LT-G for elbow - Fisiotek LT-P for wrist - For lower limbs - Fisiotek 3000 series

Brochure, Ed. Dec 2023, English. 32 pages.

Document date: 01/12/2023
PDF 2.51 MB

التدارليتب ا دلمرسا يعد بوال اسل ل وبايملسسالبعيد

طاولات العلاج - الأجهزة الطبية الكهربائية - التدريب المساعد والسلمي - التمارين النشطة - تمارين الاستقبال الحسي - أسطوانة الشد - العلاج الوظيفي - الاستعداد والحركة - طاولات الميل - المتوازيين والسلالم - المشايات وأجهزة المشي - أجهزة المشي - الجر - الجمباز الطبي والوضعية - العلاج المائي - تحليل الوضعية - الرفع والنقل - أنظمة النظافة - رفع الكراسي - نقل المرضى -

كتيب تشاينسبورت، طبعة 2021.
اللغة العربية، 36 صفحة.

Document date: 01/04/2021
PDF 9.12 MB

Ενεργητική Παθητική και

Θεραπευτικά κρεβάτια - Μηχανήματα φυσιοθεραπείας - Ενεργητικές ασκήσεις - Στάση και κινητικότητα - Ανακλινόμενα κρεβάτια - Περιπατητές και βοηθήματα υποστήριξης - Διαδρομές και σκάλες - Διάδρομοι - έλξεις - Ιατρική και στατική γυμναστική - Υδροθεραπεία - Ανάλυση στάσης - Ανύψωση και μεταφορά - Υγειονομικά συστήματα - Καρέκλες ανύψωσης - Μεταφορά ασθενών

Μπροσούρα Chinesport, Έκδοση 2020.
Ελληνική γλώσσα, 36 σελίδες.

Document date: 01/01/2020
PDF 2.45 MB
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Motolife - A quick overview

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