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During the whole year, several training courses for updating and deepening on diagnostic approaches and therapy methods, as well as on specific devices and work protocols, rehabilitation techniques and prevention are held both in Italy and abroad. The different training modules are usually a combination of theory and practice. Most of the times, they are part of a program for acquiring abilities at various levels.The duration of a course may vary accordingly to its topic as well as to the level of interest for the practical demonstrations at the hospital facilities or hosting centers.

Trainers are experienced professionals, especially doctors and therapists with different specializations in rehabilitation, who share with us the education project along with our international partners and final users in general. They carry out their work in big Italian hospitals where they have important roles, or in private clinics and as independent entrepreneurs. The content of the courses are constantly being developed as a consequence of the discussion about the participant’s expectations, and as a natural consequence of the results of medical research and experiments, as well as clinical study and validations.

Our professionals share the common desire to implement the training course proposals and, even after interacting among themselves, offer global solutions for the treatment of a given specific pathology in a patient. For example, we hold courses about the importance of the posture analysis and about which are the data to acquire through our workstations, considering re-educational postural treatment and mobilizing and stretching exercises, also by using the MI.TO therapy table, about treatments with Tecar therapy and about the activation of a cell regenerating capability of our body, also about exercises with pulley therapy and to develop greater proprioceptive abilities.

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