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Our treadmills of the Reharunner 01 and 02 series have been designed for use in hospital facilities and more generally for use in rehabilitation. All the operating control parameters are visible on the colored 10‘’ touch screen. Patient data and settings are saved. Specific test conditions and customized operating programs can also be called up.


There are tests for the patient already pre-set, and they are especially practicle for measuring different stress tests in accordance with the objective to be reached. For example the COOPER test allows to carry out an exercise to assess the maximum distance covered in 12 minutes. Furthermore, it is possible to set the test conditions manually by the carer. The additional test conditions are 8, and the procedure is the same as for registering a free profile.


There are 10 basic profiles available directly from the main menu. Furthermore, it is possible to set and memorize some exercises in a customized manual mode for a group or for single patients, since there are 100 free profiles. The saved profiled can be called out by using the arrows forward and backward and by choosing it on the touch-screen display.


All parameters are displayed while carrying out an exercise with the aid of a graphic representation which shows specifically speed and tilt with green and orange columns. The software is multilingual and the measure unit for the distance covered can be set either in miles or in kilometers. All treadmills of the Reharunner series can be connected via RS232 port to the main ECG systems on PCs and electrocardiographs.

The software is multilingual and the measure unit for the distance covered can be set either in miles or in kilometers.


All treadmills of the Runner series can be connected to an electrocardiograph / cardio spirometer via the RS232 port. When ordering, it is therefore important to inform about the manufacturer and of the model that you intend to connect to the treadmill or ergometer. The correct communication protocol must be set in the factory, and in particular the speed unit of measurement and the serial delay in milliseconds, which vary according to the software used by each device.

Note: The manufacturer models tested so far are Cardioline, Edan, Philips, Mortara, Customed, BTL, Labtech, Cosmed, Medical Econet, Fukuda, Schiller, Cardiolex, Amedtec, Norav, Neurosoft.


The most modern generation of treadmills include the two-way direction of the movement. Which means that is possible to go forward or backwards by pressing, when standing still, the button “forward” or “reverse”. The maximum backward speed has been limited at 5 km/h, and it can be set to be lower. Reverse walking can be disabled.


It is possible to increase or decrease the inclination in a ±1% or ±0,5% range. Maximum tilt in positive is +22% for the RehaRunner01 line, while it can be +25% for the RehaRunner02 line.It is possible, for the RehaRunner01 line to have a negative tilt, but this feature must be specified when ordering the device. In this case, the negative tilt can be up to a -3% and positive up to +19%.


You can configure the Reharunner treadmills with long fixed and then also add an anti-fall system. It’s possible to complete the anti-fall system with a walking harness available in three different sizes. This product configuration has to be specified at the order time along with other possible accessories of interest.


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