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Assistive and passive training

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FISIOTEK 3000 Series

A range of models meets the operators’ various needs.It ranges from the model that allows you to work on three joints – knee, ankle and hip – to the more specific model for the knee including the simple and compact instrument suitable for rental.

Distinctive elements

  • Fisiotek 3000 is intended for use in rehabilitation to restore joint movement in both surgically and non-surgically treated medical conditions. It is therefore suitable for the needs of a considerable range of patients.
  • Its internal software has new programmable features that are useful and easy to use to customise therapy and promote the comfortable, gradual and effective recovery of joint mobility.
  • The line’s design makes use of high quality materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel to ensure greater dependability over time. The models’ linear frame and harmonic structure are pleasing to the patient and instil confidence.
  • The remote-control START & STOP functions and hand-held programmable keypad (optional) offer two ways to control the movement of the device: these two handsets are interchangeable and use the same connector.
  • Each model of the 3000 line is equipped with a Warm Up feature that can be used to warm the joint before therapy actually begins.

Treated pathologies

  • Arthrotomy, arthroscopy
  • Treatment following mobilization
  • Surgical treatment of fractures
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Endoprosthetic implants
  • Operations on soft tissue

Plantarflexion of the ankle using Fisiotek 3000 TS

Dorsiflexion of the ankle using Fisiotek 3000 TS

Flexion-extension movement of the hip with Fisiotek 3000 E



Technical features
3000 GS
3000 G
3000 E
3000 TS
3000 N
Knee and hip mobilization X X X X X
Ankle mobilization X
Use of memory card X X
Speed control (flexion/extension) X X X
Speed control

Workout duration control X X X X X
Resistance X X X X X
Automatic extension increase X X

Automatic flexion increase X X X
Pause during extension X X X
Pause during flexion X X X X X
Warm up cycles X X X X X
Adjustable foot rest X X X
Knee movement range -10° ÷ 120° -10° ÷ 120° -10° ÷ 120° 0° ÷ 110° 0° ÷ 110°
Ankle movement range
20° ÷ 0° ÷ 40°
Hip movement range -7° ÷ 115° -7° ÷ 115° -7° ÷ 115° -7° ÷ 115° -7° ÷ 115°
Automatic extension increase limit
Automatic flexion increase limit X X X
Repetitions at extension limit X X X X
Repetitions at flexion limit X X X X

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