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The traction belts are available individually or in sets for pelvic, thoracic or cervical application. They are composed of two types of materials, stiffer on the outside and soft on the inside to maintain the shape and containment at the point of application to the patient. Each belt is completed with straps to adapt well to the patient and for anchoring to the necessary points before performing passive tractions.

Thoracic belts

It consists of two rectangular elements externally in leather, joined with a strap for application adherent to the patient. This belt is applied to stabilize the patient’s upper part during lumbar tractions. It is then applied to anchor points above the patient’s head present at one end of the traction table. Available in two sizes.

Pelvic belts

It consists of two main trapezoidal elements for application adherent to the patient. The pelvic belt then has straps, which are applied to the opposite side of a chromed bar, prepared with attachment points and also connection to the traction cord of the electronic unit. Available in two sizes.

Cervical belts

It consists of two main parts for application and support at the base of the head and front side. The elements are connected to each other to contain and wrap during a consequent passive cervical traction of the patient. When the assembly is completed, the chin belt is hooked to a metal balance supplied as standard, which is designed for a connection to the traction cord.



Set of traction belts

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