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Airex mats


AIREX mats have a closed-cell structure that make them float in the water and provide a safe and stable support, allowing a patient to perform hydrotherapy exercises. They are flexible and follow body movements safely, thanks to their non-slip surface. Permanent hygiene is guaranteed through the Sanitized process (inhibition of bacterial and fungal growth) on all AIREX products.

A safe and comfortable posture is the key to success in a program of therapeutic activities.


The choice of AIREX professional products is based on the assessment of the characteristics that ensure they are:

  • warm and comfortable to touch
  • easy-to-clean: they can even be soaked in water
  • compact, non-slip, thin
  • durable and resilient: they can bear any kind of stress
  • shock-absorbing – in spite of their reduced thickness to provide great stability in balance exercises
  • extremely lightweight and flexible, easy to roll up and store away
  • impermeable: closed-cell structure
  • CE mark compliant (93/42/EC)


Water exercises with Chnesport mats - Introduction

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