Wall bars


Swedish beech-wood wall bars and adjustable orthopedic ladders.

The wall bars have 14 ovoid rungs and steel clamps for anchoring. Furthermore, are available wall bars specifically designed to be used at home and wall bars matched with a device for the execution of reinforcement exercises with weights.

Wall bars are useful tools to carry out different exercises for joints and muscles. In particular, they are helpful instruments for some preventive and therapeutic exercises against back pain.


wall bars

“Intervertebral discs are very important when considering low-back pain. They are stressed everyday and this creates a slight reduction of their thickness. By the end of the day a person can be 1 or 2 cm shorter. Generally, a good night sleep is enough to permit the discs to rehydrate and get back to their original thickness. This change of load and unload is good for the health of intervertebral discs. However, during work or while practicing sports, some wrong postures are often adopted, or even movements which are highly stressful for the intervertebral discs are done. In such cases, it is important to do some exercises to decompress the discs, e.g. self-streching.”

Prof. Benedetto Toso

back school


This chapter has been integrated with some excerpts from Volume I “Back School, Bone School, Neck School – Programs, Organizing, Performing and Controlling” by Prof. Benedetto Toso. Chinesport works together with Prof. Benedetto Toso for spreading an educative and preventive and therapeutic message along with the use of various devices.

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“In the work and sport life, some postures or movements which imply an excessive pressure of the spine discs are often adopted and done. In such cases, it is important to perform some exercises to lessen the pressure on the discs. Relief can be obtain in some ways:

  • Actively with some stretching exercises;
  • Manually, when traction is performed by the carer (very efficacious because the carer can feel and check on the patient’s reactions directly);
  • In a natural way with suspension exercises and with some devices which allow gravity inversion;
  • With some traction devices for the spine which focus the lessening effect at a given point and enable to adjust the power of traction as desired.”

Prof. Benedetto Toso


back school 1


back school 2


back school 3

back school 4



This frame is in stainless steel and can be fitted to wall bars - models code 04510 or 04540. It has a grid with hooks for pulley therapy exercises and cervical tractions.
In case of interest please see the other work tools that are illustrated at section 4 - Pulley Therapy or download the specific brochure.

wall bars - pulley therapy


Back pain is a problem that afflicts a growing number of people nowadays. One of the main causes in diffusion of this pathology is an increasing sedentary lifestyle.

Who deals with spine disease knows that in many cases, back pain can be easily cured with some simple shrewdness.

For example, the regular and constant execution of exercises with wall bars, such as those proposed in the manual “Back pain” and in the dvd “Home wall bars”, can help in prevention and therapy of back pain.

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Home wall bars - introduction

Home wall bars - introduction

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