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SHOCK WAVE COMPACT is an electro-medical device that provide therapeutic treatment by using shock waves through the aid of a special probe/applicator.

Shock waves are acoustic waves that carry high energy, transmitted through the surface of the skin and spread radially in the body, in the area of pain. The body responds with increased metabolic activity in the area of application, helping to decrease the inflammation caused by analgesic action induced by the local release of endorphins, stimulating and accelerating the healing process.

It is an active therapeutic type device, non-invasive, mainly used by physiatrists, physiotherapists and pain therapists.

Such equipment can be used in hospital environment and on an outpatient basis.

The SHOCK WAVE COMPACT series provides radial shock waves, since the shock wave is generated by means of a special shaped hand piece gun, whose barrel is closed at the end by a metal cap against which a projectile of steel is launched by means of compressed air.

This generates a shock wave which spreads radially expanding in the skin and underlying first layer of tissue, or in a focused way (depending on the transmitter used). The measure of the penetration depth varies from 4 to 7 cm.


The devices for shockwave therapy SHOCK WAVE COMPACT have a control console optimized depending on the specific field of use and type of operation for which they are intended.

All operating parameters are managed and controlled in real time by a sophisticated electronic circuit microprocessor, with clear representation and signaling of various functions through LCD touch-screen display with backlight (located on the machine) and appropriate sound signals.

The programs stored are the result of operational experience gained through years of support by professionally experienced users and will serve as a suggestion guide for starting treatment.

Three dispensing heads are supplied with the machine and allow you to perform various treatment protocols. The heads are clamped to the probe through the fixing ring.

SHOCK WAVE COMPACT gives the possibility to save personalised programs and client files in two different memory slots:

  • an internal slot called USER MEMORY
  • an external slot called USB MEMORY

where you can store and retrieve personalised programs and patient files.

Both memory slots can be FORMATTED at any time to be used again with other suitable devices. You can use these units to save personalised protocols, to load and execute programs and to delete treatments no longer in use.

The standard protocols of therapeutical suggestions are stored in a further fixed internal memory of the device. This memory cannot be managed by the user: stored data cannot be deleted or formatted. You can save any modifications only in the other memory units, creating a personalised protocol.


In the main screen
The LCD display will light up, showing a presentation page, with a progress bar that shows the loading.

Push the button SKIP to access the starting page.

In the main screen you can:

  • enter the FREE PROCEDURE section, clicking the central button of the screen
  • enter the WIZARD section, by selecting an anatomical area of the body (front / rear) shown on the screen
  • enter the PREFERRED PROGRAMS, by selecting the button at the top right
  • select one of the 6 TOOLBAR buttons


Execution of the treatment
The surface of the area to be treated has to be covered with abundant contact substance "GEL" (the interface enhancing the acoustic conduction of ultrasound energy).

The distribution of radiating energy must be carried out by means of a massage, moving the applicator on the radiated part, so as to respect the principle of the “equal distribution of energy dose”.

The loading procedure of a treatment follows the steps described in the sections FREE PROCEDURE and WIZARD. When on the display the window of the chosen program appears, you click on the START button to activate emission.

The programs stored proposed are the result of operational experience gained through years of support by professionally experienced users and will serve as a suggestion guide for starting treatment.

The ability to change the parameters according to the needs of the operator ensures versatility essential in medical contexts.


The equipment SHOCK WAVE COMPACT is specially packaged for transport in a single pack with filling which has been specifically studied for safe transportation and storage.

To remove the equipment from the pack, place the box on a smooth, flat surface. Open the top of the box and remove the polystyrene filling. Be very careful when removing the contents of the pack.

The unit and accessories are wrapped in transparent sheets of polyethylene protection and contain the following:

  • n. 1 User Manual;
  • n. 1 mains power supply cable;
  • n. 2 spare fuses (see technical specifications);
  • n.1 ESWT Shockwave applicator probe (including interchangeable kit);
  • n.1 multi-focused transmitter 9 mm;
  • n.1 focused transmitter 15 mm;
  • n.1 multi-focused transmitter 15 mm;
  • n.1 lubricate brush;
  • n.1 conductive gel pack 260 ml;
  • n.1 key tube for actuator removal;
  • n.1 key handle for actuator removal;
  • n.1 ring nut fixing knob.


Carry Case

Carry case for the unit transport
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Transmitter 15 Mm Focused

Focused transmitter Ø 15 mm
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Transmitter 9 Mm Multi-Focused

Multifocused transmitter Ø 9 mm
Ask for quotation

Transmitter 15 Mm Multi-Focused

Multifocused transmitter Ø 15 mm
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Technical Spec.

Technical Spec.

Mains power supply:
230 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%
Mains power supply (upon request):
115 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%
Maximum mains power absorption:
80 VA
LCD display:
8” colour touch screen
Dispensing heads:
Shock emission modes:
Single, Continuous, Burst
Burst emission typology:
( 1 ÷ 100 ) emsissions for each burst, ( 10 ÷ 2000 ) msec between each burst
Pressure intensities allowed:
( 1.5 ÷ 4 ) bar - 0.1 bar steps
Shock emission frequency:
( 1 ÷ 15 ) Hz - 1 Hz steps
N° of emissions:
0 ÷ 10000
Medical device class according to EU regulations:
Output channels:
Pre-installed protocols:
Storable patient procedures on internal memory:
Storable patient treatment procedures on USB:
4 Gb
39 x 28 x 17.5 h cm
8 kg




Weight, size and volume

Weight, size and volume (+/- 10%)
N° Package Package type Dimension Weight Volume
1 SCATOLA cm 50 x 43 x 45 h kg 10 mc 0.09675


Shockwave Excellent - Key features overview
Shockwave Excellent - for calcific shoulder tendinitis


Ce certificate

Document date: 24/05/2021
Language: Italian, English
Version: V 1.0
PDF 1.64 MB

Declaration of conformity

Compliance statement
Document date: 24/05/2021
Language: Italian, English
Version: V 1.0
PDF 77.58 KB
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User manual

Document date: 22/03/2021
Language: English
Version: V 2.0

PDF 1.01 MB
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Manuale utente

Document date: 22/03/2021
Language: Italian
Version: V 2.0

PDF 1.72 MB
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