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Shock waves are sound waves that convey high energy, transmitted through the surface of the skin and diffused in the body radially, over the painful area. This is a (ballistic) radial shock wave, since the shock wave is generated using a special hand unit shaped like a pistol, the barrel of which is closed at the end by a metal cap, against which a steel projectile is launched using compressed air (up to a pressure of 5 bar). This generates a shock wave that spreads out radially in the skin and first tissue layer below the skin, or in a focused manner (depending on the transmitter used).

The body responds by increasing metabolic activity in the application area, facilitating the reduction of inflammation caused by a painkilling action brought about by local releasing of endorphine, thereby stimulating and speeding up the healing process. The extent of penetration depth varies from 4 to 7 cm.



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Main medical effects of shockwave therapy

Analgesic effect - elimination of pain:

  • Enhanced dispersion of substance P
  • Decrease of muscle tension
  • Inhibition of spasm and inhibition of nociceptive fibres

Acceleration of healing:

  • Enhanced collagen production
  • Improved metabolism and microcirculation
  • Ligament neovascularization
  • Stimulation of osteoblasts activity with increases in osteogenesis

Mobility restoration

  • Enhances re-absorption of calcium deposits
  • The shock wave method is the chosen treatment for chronic insertional tendinopathies characterized by a poor vascularisation of the osteotendinous junction, where the physiotherapy treatment (infiltrations and laser therapies) has been proven ineffective.


The shock wave method is the preferred treatment for chronic insertion tendonopathy, characterized by poor vascularization of the bone-tendon joint, where physiotherapy treatment (infiltration and laser therapy) has proved ineffective.


The principal pathologies for which shock waves are used include:

  • Elbow - epicondylitis, epitrochleitis
  • Shoulder - insertional tendonopathies, impingement
  • Knee - Tendonopathies of the kneecap and anserine bursa
  • Pubes - Tendonopathies of the adductors (pubalgie)
  • Ankle - Achille’s tendonopathies, calcaneal apophysis
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sport medicine
  • Plastic surgery

Electromedical devices - Excellent Line

Electromedical devices - Excellent Line

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