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FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 12W is an electro-medical device for therapeutic treatments using a laser with a laser power of 12W which supplies the treatment by using handpieces. This device is therapeutic, non-invasive and it is mainly used by hand physiatrists, physiotherapists and pain therapists. The machine may be used in hospital and clinic premises.


How to use the device

All control functions and the entire functional structure of the machine are managed and coordinated by a micro-processor: in addition to the task of making available application programs already stored, it allows an optimal, safe and personalized use of the device.

The user dialogue interface is conducted by a large and clear graphic LCD display where there are displayed all operational messages interesting to the Operator, the functional state of the machine during the normal therapeutic activity and any error message.

With the first start up of the device it is possible to set and choose the language among the six available; proceed as indicated in LANGUAGE.



The treatment of lasertherapy FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 12W has two typologies of operation, in fact the emission of the ray can happen AT POINTS or in MANUAL mode:

THE EMISSION AT POINTS allows emitting some laser spots characterized by a specific Power, Duration and Area of Action; such data can be determined by the operator by choosing one of the therapeutic protocols of suggestion already present in the machine or by changing directly the parameters according to the needs.

The MANUAL EMISSION allows to use the laser ray by manually handling the emission spots. In this case the following parameters can be set: maximum time of supply, power. The power supplied is transmitted by using the optical fiber which guarantees high effectiveness and full application handling.

One of the most important features of FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 12W is the handpiece. It is a special device that allows the defocalization of the ray, in order to operate on tissue parts having different size, ranging from 0.78 cm² to 4.90 cm². This particular handpiece allows the user to have a higher and more specific spectrum action according to the body part to be treated.

The operator can select the parameters value of the treatment depending on his/her needs.

The parameters that can be modified by the operator are:

  • PULSED, that is the energy percentage that must be emitted
  • SPOT AREA that indicates the size of the surface to be worked
  • DENSITY that identifies the quantity of energy to be emitted for cm²
  • TIME that indicates the time of action for each spot or beam emitted.
  • FREQUENCY in Hz FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 12W provides the operator with a list of protocols that can be used as therapeutic suggestions for starting a specific treatment.

It is possible to choose the therapeutic program to be used among different types:

  • STANDARD PROGRAMS, which are protocols already present in the device that cannot be deleted or modified in a definitive manner, or
  • CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS, which are created by the operator depending on specific requirements, based on the standard protocols or created with the free procedure, and stored in the Smart-Card or in the user memory.
The programs pre-loaded in the internal memory of the machine can be modified, but cannot be overwritten or deleted. It will be sufficient to choose an anatomical area of the body shown in the screen to obtain the list of the possible pathologies for the selected area and to load the associated therapeutic suggestion protocol.


Supplied with

  • User Manual;
  • n.1 mains power supply cable;
  • n.1 defocused laser handpiece in optical fiber (integral to the device);
  • n.1 pedal;
  • n.1 interlock key;
  • n.2 protective laser glasses;
  • n. 2 fuses;


Laser Radiation Protective Goggles

Lens color green, VLT 45%.
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Carry Case

Carry case for the unit transport
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Wok Trolley

Trolley with a support surface designed for use with Chinesport table top electro-medical devices. Compact and easy to handle on 4 casters.
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Technical Spec.

Technical Spec.

Mains power supply:
230 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%
Mains power supply (on request):
115 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%
Maximum mains power absorption:
105 VA
Interlock key:
3-pole contacts
Max power:
12W ± 20%
LCD display:
8” colour touch screen
808 nm + 980 nm
Laser risk classification EN60825-1:
Emission frequency:
100 Hz ÷ 10000 Hz
Selectable percentage of emitted power:
10% - 100%
Medical device class according to EU regulations:
Output channels:
Programmable treatment:
1-99 min
Pre-installed protocols:
Storable patient procedures on internal memory:
Storable patient treatment procedures on USB:
4 Gb
39 x 13 x 32 cm
7.5 kg




Weight, size and volume

Weight, size and volume (+/- 10%)
N° Package Package type Dimension Weight Volume
1 SCATOLA cm 60 x 40 x 30 h kg 9.5 mc 0.072

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