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FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 8W and 12W are an electro medical devices that deliver therapeutic treatments using a power laser of 8W - 12W, with the aid of probes. The devices are non-invasive, mainly used by medical and paramedical staff as physiatrists, physical therapists and pain therapists, medical doctors and aesthetic

The use of FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 8W and 12W is reserved for operators who, by virtue of their professional training, offer the guarantee of the appropriate use and in total safety for the patient.


The device features pre-loaded tips with standard parameters derived from clinical trials. The effectiveness of the preset protocol is strongly conditioned by the type of patient undergoing treatment. You can select the protocol’s work in relation to the anatomical region to treat pain , therapeutic treatments suggested, o for card patients, as shown in the table below:


Anatomic region Treatments Card patients
According to the anatomical area of the body, the operator can select the most appropriate therapy. In this section will list all the therapeutic protocols for use with FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 8W and 12W In this section, the operator can choose whether to create a card or load an existing patient and stored on secondary storage.


The new series of high power laser is realised in optical fibre as a vehiculator of high laser power (8W-12W) directly to the skin, without any dispersion. Therefore, FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 8W and 12W allow an immediate improvement in the symptoms of inflammatory and degenerative pathologies in the orthopaedic, neurologic, dermatologic domain and a reduction of recovery times and presents itself as an indispensible therapy, especially in Sports Medicine, since it allows rapid recovery for many sportsmen, for whom time is a determining factor in their career.



You can find the description of the Basic Line, Plus Line and Excellent Line in the dedicated section.




The applications fields that can profit from using the High power laser therapy are the following:

  • Sports traumatology: Extensions and muscolar strains, Articular distorsions, Epicondylitis, Tendinitis and enthesitis, Contusions, Hematomas bruises, Bursitis
  • General medicine and dermatology: Decubitus ulcers, cheloids, torpid sores for its well known bio.stimulating and anti-infectious effects.
  • Arthro-rheumatic pathology: Arthrosis, Sciatica, Scapular and humeral periarthritis, Arthropathy of hands and feet, Epicondylitis, Hip arthrosis at its initial stage, gonalgia with or without effusion, Myogenic stiff neck, Lumbago, Myositis, etc.
  • Rehabilitative therapy: Articular motor rehabilitation after removing plaster apparatuses or after orthopaedic surgical operations.


Wave lengths between 810nm and 980nm are absorbed differently by the underskin layers of the human body and these are the ones that general clinical experience gives the best results in the therapeutical field, when treating pain and inflammatory pathologies of the muscles, tendons and bones. The fields of application of the high power laser therapy are sport traumatology, general medicine and dermatology, the treatment of arthro-rheumatic pathologies and rehabilitation therapy.


Thanks to the high power produced in both versions proposed, clear results can be obtained after few sessions by stimulating deep layers of the tissue favouring a quick and spread regeneration of the cells. It is possible to achieve a stimulus of the deep layers of tissue, and this allows the treatment of the tissue and innermost structures (as for example the femur articulation) and other chronical pathologies as arthritis. This type of treatment with high power is very recommendable as it is often a solution when dealing with serious swellings, chronical and degenerative as for example knee arthritis.


Since the device deals with high amounts of power, the maximum safety standards are adopted. A computerized electronic system calculates automatically the level of energy (Fluence rate in joules) conveyed according to the different ways of application, by contact or through the 3 available separators. Furthermore, for a higher safety the emission of the laser beam is controlled by a pedal and the software allows to deal with the therapeutic treatment by means of user-friendly, simple and quick controls.


These devices are provided with secret access code and security key (Interlock), as established by law as well as a red mushroom safety push button, which is easily accessible at the front of the device, and which interrupts any kind of emission by simply pressing it.


The applications of the FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 8W and 12W produce a number of effects on the treated tissues:

  1. Increase in hematic flow: vasodilatation of capillaries and arteries
  2. Biostimolation: tissue rigeneration, stimulation of the protein synthesis, stimulation of the production of ATP, stimulation of the fibroblast mitosis, increase in collagen and elastin.
  3. Anti-infiammatory effect
  4. Anti-edematous effect, with stimulation of the lymphatic system
  5. Analgesic effect: increase in the perception threshold of nerve endings


  • Direct radiation in the eye: The human eye is extremely sensitive to laser radiation and can be permanently damaged from direct or reflected laser beams. The special safety goggles (supplied) must be worn by both patient by the operator.
  • Pregnancy: the laser is contraindicated for use over the pregnant uterus. It can still be used in pregnant women with the foresight to not radiate over the abdomen.
  • Neoplasms: You must not use the laser on a primary lesion or secondary non-diagnosed. Laser treatment may be granted to relieve pain during the terminal stage of disease, it is recommended that this be performed only with the full consent of the patient.
  • Thyroid: The laser should not be used in any case above the gland.
  • Bleeding: Vasodilatation may worsen the bleeding.
  • Immuno-suppressive therapy: Laser therapy is contraindicated in patients who have undergone such type of drug therapy.
  • In the skin and injuries suspects: Never laser radiation on angiomas, black points or injuries suspects on the skin.
  • Treatments over the sympathetic ganglia, the vagus nerve and region of the heart in patients with heart disease: Laser therapy can significantly alter the function neural, and is therefore contraindicated in this regions body patients with heart disease


FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 8W is a high power laser working with a single wave length: 940nm. With its peak power is possible to supply up to 8W making sure a therapeutic action as an impressive regenerative stimulation in chronic pathologies, in the acceleration of the inflammation resolution and of the edema in acutw pathologies as well as the rapid resolution of painful articul, muscular, neurogenal and soft tissue syndromes.



FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 12W is an laser system with two length (810nm + 980nm), providing max power output of 12W, in continuous and pulsed modes.

808nm wave length has a great penetration in tissues, and allows the best bio-stimulation effect.
976nm wave length with its good level of water absorption, produce a good local antalgic effect.


FISIOLASER EXCELLENT 12W is indicated in the treatment of superficial pathologies, for example in general medicine and dermatology fields, and in the treatment of pathologies of the orthopaedic and sport-medicine fields (contusions, bursitis, tendinitis, etc.). It has a strong bio-stimulating effect, as it spans over the whole therapeutic window of high power therapeutic lasers ((HPLS --> High Power Laser System) and it has a very high output power (12watts).


descrizione funzionamento laserterapia di potenza


Electromedical devices - Excellent Line

Electromedical devices - Excellent Line

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