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Laser therapy physiologically works due to photochemical and photobiological effects on the cells and on the under-skin tissue. The laser light, with its transparent wave length, has the property of going through the surface of the skin without any important action. Therefore, the therapy treatment is very much appreciated by the patient at all times, who never perceives any unpleasant sensations: laser therapy is painless, riskless and the time dedicated to each treatment is less than the one employed for other therapies.


It has mainly an analgesic effect (peripheral nervous system), anti-inflammatory and regenerating, in fact it stimulates cell mitochondrion of the cells restating its energy, and “repairs” it as well in case of degenerative or traumatic situation or, it takes the cells back to normal status.


It has effects on the micro-circulation and on blood vessels: laser favours an improvement of local micro-circulation which includes the relief of local spasms of the arteriolar and venular vessels (which occur, for example after trauma or inflammation), and it intensifies the blood flow of the food capillaries. Furthermore, it has immunomodulanting effects and enzyme photo-activation has been detected.


The devices propose some pre-set protocols with the recommendable fluence rate for each type of treatment. The operator is free to adjust the treatment time or the frequency, according to the area to be treated and the power of the handpiece in use, in order to convey the fluence rate necessary for the treatment. These devices are provided with secret access code and security key (Interlock), as established by law.



  1. Rheumatology 
  2. Orthopedics 
  3. Dermatology 
  4. Dentistry 
  5. Otolaryngology 
  6. Neurology 
  7. Laser acupuncture


  • Laser therapy is based on the photochemical and photobiological effects in the cells and tissue.
  • The laser light stimulates the cell’s mitochondrion, and reinstates its energy and “repairs it” in the case of traumatic or degenerative situations, returning the cell itself to its normal state.
  • Laser therapy is painless, free of any risks and is not invasive.
  • The time required for treatment is shorter than that required when other therapies are used.


1) Anti-inflammatory effect.

2) Effects on the peripheral nervous system (antalgic and regenerative effect).

3) Biostimulating effect, with regeneration of tissue.

4) Effect on micro circulation and blood vessels: the laser indices improvement of local micro circulation, which includes the relief of local spasms of the arteriolar and venular vessels (which occurs, for example, after trauma or inflammation), and brings about intensification of the blood flow in the nutritional capillaries.

5) Immunomodulating effect.

6) Enzyme photo activation effect.

7) Placebo effect.


This type of device is used with single-diode or multiple-diode handpieces which are directly put on the skin for the therapeutic treatment. Choosing the laser technology, based on the emission by diodes is motivated by its greater efficiency when considering energy, its longer working life and a simpler maintenance if compared to other technologies which have similar therapeutic results.

Twelve different handpieces are available. They are interchangeable and their difference is based on the number of diodes (1-8) and the nominal power transmitted by each diode (25mW – 100mW) up to a maximum of 800 mW for an area of up to 5 cm2. Each handpiece not only has the afore mentioned diodes for therapy emissions (905nm), they also guarantee a perfect pointing of the therapy by the presence of a guiding light generated by other two pointing diodes which generate a visible red light.


Electromedical equipment

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Brochure, Ed. Dec. 2023, English. 60 pages.

Document date: 01/12/2023
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