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Electrostimulation therapy is a modality involving sending of electrical impulses to the muscle in order to elicit its contraction. As a matter of fact, an electrical field is generated between the electrodes and this triggers a contraction of the muscle subjected to the stimulus delivered by the electrostimulator. Electrostimulation can be used for muscular training and injury prevention or rehabilitation.


TENS therapy is one of the most popular methods of electrostimulation for pain relief purposes in physiotherapy. TENS is used to treat a wide range of conditions including for example acute, chronic and muscular pain and pain related to pregnancy and post-surgical events.  


EMS therapy is used mainly for sport and rehabilitation purposes. The electrical muscle stimulation allows to elicit muscle contraction by delivering electrical impulses to the muscles through electrodes. In addition to its primary training goals, EMS can be also used for aesthetic purposes, such as draining, anti-cellulite and firming effects. Specific programmes based on EMS electrotherapy are devised for the prevention of muscle atrophy.


Electromedical equipment

Introduction - Vacuum therapy - WOK trolley - C.R.E.T. therapy - Shockwave therapy - Laser therapy - High intensity laser therapy - Scanning laser therapy - Low level laser therapy - Electrotherapy - Ultrasound therapy - Combined therapy - Magneto therapy - Radar therapy - Pressotherapy - Traction therapy - TENS units - Thermotherapy

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