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The TEST line is a range of multi-functional tables for examination and for specific treatments. A series of accessories define the specific purpose of each model: in particular, they can be used in podiatry, gynecology, urology, geriatrics, beauty, phlebotomy, cardiology for doppler echocardiography investigations, or even to transport patients within care facilities. The table height can be adjusted electrically or via hydraulic piston, while the moving sections are servo-assisted by gas spring. In some versions, the seating section is tilt-adjustable via another motor. As a result, these tables can easily change into a seated, relaxation, Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position even with the patient lying on the table.



The height adjustment on the couch can be electric or hydraulic and from a minimum of 60 cm to a maximum of 110 cm. In particular, in the case of electric adjustment, depending on the model, there are two options, with hand control or footswitch.

The head and leg sections are easily adjustable with ergonomic controls fixed to the platforms and gas springs. The back section can be adjusted positively up to +75°, while the legs section can be adjusted both positively +35° and negatively up to -85°.

The dual motorization models (ref. Base codes LE311 - LE341 - LE351) can also assume the Trendelenburg position and against Trendelenburg +5° / -15°.

Test tables can also be fitted with wheels and a centralised braking system.

The maximum safe working load (SWL) is 200 kg.

There is a choice of 24 colours for the upholstery. Posture cushions of various shapes and sizes can also be requested, to be used with the couch and with the same colour upholstery.


Various - Upholstery Colours

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Test Plus Urogyn 2 table

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