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Ther drop line

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“The Ther Drop tables  are intended for physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. The Drop-table technique, the Flexion-Distraction technique, the "Side bending" movement, and the "Breakaway system" are some key features. 

These tables are optimal for professional who practice manual therapy. 

Drop-table technique

The DROP technique allows therapists to raise the pelvic / lumbar, thoracic and cervical segments and then put pressure to make them fall rapidly using a high-speed manipulation technique.

The cervical Drop feature lets the therapist manipulate the area between the occiput and the first vertebra with passing nerve structures where several issues originate (e.g. migraines). This technique is beneficial because it is effective and non-invasive. The patient is therefore manipulated more easily.

The chiropratic tecnique provides several advantages:

  1. allows a lighter manipulation;
  2. reduces the therapist’s effort;
  3. makes the manipulation less invasive because the force is not absorbed by the joints but is dispersed by the segment’s fall.

In particular, it allows the therapist to manipulate challenging subjects, such as stiff patients, fragile patients or those who are simply scared of manual treatment.

Therapists can also position the patients on the side and activate the lateral Drop function.





Flexion-distraction technique

The Flexion-Distraction system allows the therapist to operate on the patient’s legs through a pumping movement, which affects the lumbar spine positioned between the pelvic / lumbar and the thoracic segment, and then the upper segments.

Side bending movements

An additional side-bending movement allows therapists to work on patients in the acute phase, letting them assume a position that is convenient for them. The focus of the Flexion-Distraction movement is the treatment of lumbar conditions, especially hernia and lumbar stenosis.

Breakaway movement

The Breakaway system focuses on the mobilisation of the thoracic region. Through this feature, the therapist works on the thoracic segment adopting a pumping downward movement and presses on the spine.

Therapists can move dynamically with patients or they can be arranged in a “bridge-like” position so that the therapist can perform manipulation.




The table is electrically height-adjustable from 56 to 93 cm by means of all around perimetral bar and mains power.

The table can be lowered to 54 cm, an ideal height for vertebral manipulation, which requires the table to reach under the therapist’s kneecaps.

The painted metal frame is sturdy, stable, silent in movement, with all the rotating points sliding on self-lubrification bushings.

The safe working load is of 200 kg.


Firstly, its width of only 56 cm allows those practising manual therapy to extend themselves on the patient’s body, sincethis wouldn't be physically possibleif the table was larger.

Several padded section adjustments are available for chiropractic drop technique at cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic level. The related padded sections can be in different configuration options.

The leg section can be adjustable to make the flexion-distraction technique and side movement by the therapist as well.


Another interesting aspect is long nose / mouth breathing hole, so patients rest their head on the head section which is adjustable in height.

They can adopt a relaxed position and move freely, therefore therapists find it easier to manipulate their neck.

The head section is with nose-mouth breathing hole is a standard feature, and some options are also available.


This feature allows patients to place their arms on the armrests and assume an optimal position with their shoulders relaxed.

This position is ideal for manipulation because it allows the therapist to adjust the table precisely according to the person’s physique and therefore the manipulation is easier.


The final foot rest section is adjustable in depth and height. So the total length of the table can change in the extreme depth adjustment of the padded final legs rest segment.

Ther Drop Swing table is also provided with a height-adjustable double handle that’s essential to proceed with the flexion-distraction technique and side-bending.


Ther drop tables

Electro-medical equipment, - Active exercises, - Standing and mobility, - Tilt tables, - Parallel bars and staircases, - Walking aids, - Treadmills, - Tractions, - Medical and postural gymnastics, - Hydrotherapy, - Posture analysis, - Hoisting systems, - Hygiene solutions, - Lifting armchairs, - Patient transport.

Brochure, Ed. Jan. 2023, English. 16 pages.

Document date: 01/01/2023
PDF 4.89 MB


Ther Drop Swing - Presentation
Ther Drop Swing - Use
Ther Drop Swing table - Active flexion-distraction therapy

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