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The THER line is made up of physical therapy couches, with a standard section width of 68. An additional alternative is 58 cm width for osteopathy treatment or overall posture re-education, with adjustable armrests.

A major difference from the Visit therapy tables range is given by the head section length which is 52 cm. For this reason, it cannot be used as a backrest, but it can be fitted with armrests to provide greater comfort for the patient when in prone position. The head section has a greater tilt adjustment, i.e. positive tilt up to +85° and negative tilt up to -35°, plus the nose/mouth breathing hole is standard.

These tables were developed for physiotherapy, osteopathy or for the so-called “Global Postural Re-education” method, and they can be configured with up to six sections to achieve different postural positions for the patient. There is also a model that can be arranged in a seated position for particular use in gynecology.



The height adjustment on the couch can be electrical or hydraulic for all models and ranges from 47 to 97 cm. Specifically, two options are available for electrical adjustment, footswitch or foot rail.

The head section is 52 cm long. It can easily be adjusted to a positive angle of up to +85° and a negative angle of up to -35° using an ergonomic control on the base frame and a gas spring. The head section also has a breathing hole, the plug for it is supplied as standard equipment.

Almost all models also offer a version that features head section arms to make the patient more comfortable when in a prone position. The versions with side section arms are identified by the term "PLUS".

The various models differ in terms of the number of segments and positions available, such as the partial Trendelenburg position (tilting of the leg section), rest position with the legs bent and raised, Trendelenburg position, and central bending. Special versions are available for gynaecological and osteopathic examinations, and posture re-education.

In general, Ther couches can also be fitted with wheels and a centralised braking system.

The maximum safe working load (SWL) is 200 kg.

There is a choice of 24 colours for the upholstery. Posture cushions of various shapes and sizes can also be requested, to be used with the couch and with the same colour upholstery.


For all examination, massage and treatment tables where the option of a standard nose / mouth hole is provided, the hole lid is supplied as standard.


Professional tables

Configuration guide - Height adjustable tables - Visit line - Test line - Unix line - Ther line - Sinthesi line - Ther Drop line - Bobath line - Alux line - Technical data - Fixed height tables - Fixed height tables - Folding tables - Accessories - Common accessories - Specific accessories - Cushions and stools - Other furniture

Brochure, Ed. Dec. 2023, English. 100 pages.

Document date: 01/12/2023
PDF 10.24 MB


Elektromedizinische Geräte, - Passive und assistive Übungen - Aktive Übungen - Propriozeptive Übungen -Seilzug-Therapie - Beschäftigungstherapie - Stehgeräte und Mobilität - Stehtische - Gehbarren und Treppen - Gehhilfen - Laufbänder - Traktionsgeräte - Medizinische Gymnastik und Haltungsgymnastik - Hydrotherapie - Analyse der Körperhaltung - Patientenlifter und Transfer - Hygiene - Sessel mit Aufstehhilfe - Patiententransport

Chinesport Brochure, Gedruckt in Janur 2021. Tedesco, 92 Seiten.

Document date: 01/01/2021
PDF 12.57 MB


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