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A collaboration together with experts in the field of materials has made it possible to develop an original proposal for the protection of the table and to improve patient’s comfort during treatment.

In detail, the technology in question is the result of the combination of two elements made of different materials, i.e. a special mattress and a thermoregulating sheet which is placed over the mattress itself. The sheet is easily washable in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 60 degrees, and it can be kept for a single patient during several treatment sessions.

The correct welcoming temperature for the patient is a positive sign of the treatment, and it helps to lessen eventual muscular tensions which makes the work of the physiotherapist easier. The mattress favors blood circulation in the area involved and decreases sweating.

Some benefits derived from the use of this technology

  • Protects and keeps the upholstery of the table in good conditions;
  • Increases comfort and the welcoming factor for the patient;
  • Increases the sensorial comfort for the patient during the treatment;
  • Improves the perception of the temperature avoiding thermal shocks.

The therapist places the protecting mattress on the table.

Then, the thermoregulating cover is fixed onto the mattress.

The patient is asked to position himself as best as possible for the treatment.

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