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Before describing its content, we want to illustrate the purpose and importance of the project “Spine Leg Toolkit”. The examination of the locomotor system concerns many professional figures, the orthopedist, physiotherapist, physiatrist, orthopedic technician, pediatrician, sports doctor, motor sciences doctors, just to mention the main ones: every professional has his own goals and objectives strategies but also many shared points.

In particular, evaluating the alignment of the spine and lower limbs means first knowing the variability of the various parameters present in the population, age-related changes and finally the thresholds beyond which we can speak of anomalies or pathology. The mere observation is no longer sufficient: it gives us a first impression, qualitative data, too vague limits. Especially if we want to check a normal threshold, the trend over time or document the effectiveness of our therapeutic measures, we have absolute need for numbers, precise data. On the other hand, the daily use, in the surgery or in the gym, requires simple data, not bulky and above all non-invasive tools.

For this reason the “Spine Leg Toolkit” case has been designed, as an accurate choice of clinically tested tools to evaluate a high number of clinical interest parameters: frontal and sagittal compensation of the head and trunk, rotations on the transverse plane in static and in flexion, the sagittal curves, the heterometry of the lower limbs, the alignment and the foot length, together with joint angle measurement and analog scale ache. For the first time the professionist finds what he needs all inside a single case, which, we are sure, will become an essential accessory.

List of tools contained in the suitcase called “Spine-Leg Tool kit”:

  • Inclinometer
  • Arcometer
  • Postural caliber
  • Torsion meter
  • Iliac crests analyser
  • Delta leg N
  • Hindfoot goniometer
  • Foot size indicator
  • Goniometer

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