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The system consists of a structure with an original stabilometric platform for dynamic and balance analysis as well as two image acquisition devices for the static analysis of the subject in mono bi-podalic support, and the attitude of the back-feet.

It is therefore possible to acquire pictures of the subject under examination in different moments, save them and compare them, and measurements can be carried out on each acquired picture.

The stabilometric platform with six load cells, however, allows the patient to a free and natural positioning to detect first of all the body weight, its distribution between the right foot and the left one, and for each foot the distribution also on the three points of reference, the first metatarsal, the fifth metatarsal and heel.

While the person is on the platform, it is also identified the center of gravity and its position compared to the ideal one, as well as the oscillations on the different planes. The possibility to set the duration of the dynamic tests also allows to involve the patient in biofeedback exercises.

The goal is to give evidence of the type of foot and to keep monitored if there is a certain incorrect postural attitude or risk. All information collected by the two integrated static and dynamic analysis systems can be useful to define therapeutic interventions, targeted exercise programs and others corrective actions, also in an interdisciplinary collaboration between specialists.

At the end of the postural examination it is suggestable to provide patient with a report showing results, also in a comparison of data, graphs, and pictures acquired in different moments. In particular for all types of measurements the relative tolerance can be reported, with evidence of whether one or more data collected are out of spectrum. This type of exam is non-invasive, and can therefore be repeated whenever deemed appropriate.

This laboratory for the static analysis of podalic support and back feet, as well as dynamic and balance analysis, can be later integrated to allow static analysis of posture of the whole person. For further information, see the laboratories PL0120 and PL0800.




Our posture analysis laboratories use a modular software called GPS 6 which requires a computer having certain system requirements
shown below. We recommend that you do not install other software on your computer to avoid possible conflicts.

Recommended minimum configuration

  • Intel i3 CPU or higher
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 20 GB of free space
  • Display with resolution of 1280 x 1024
  • 2 USB ports



All-in-one computer provided with GPS software pre-installed with webcams configuration included.
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Postural Data Evidence

Full-color printer that can be purchased by the customer. To print the patient's report and give him a feedback of any improvements noticed.
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Postural Analyzer

Device typically used for analysing posture in the frontal, posterior and lateral planes. Can be ordered separately or be part of a postural work station.
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Elastic Grid Kit

Set of elastics to be used as reference lines in the observation of the patient's upright posture
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Foot Positioning Adhesive

Adhesive to guide the patient in positioning during frontal and sagittal planes posture observation.
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Blue Path 2

Additional structure consisting of three elements that facilitate the patient's positioning. Allows a walk without shoes above the structure throughout the a...
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Pictures Background

Neutral background to isolate the subject and acquire pictures without interferences or noises. Allows free positioning of the laboratory without constraints.
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Frame For Postural Analyzer

Steel structure added to transform a foot analysis laboratory in a more complete lab that includes the postural analyzer (code 03002).
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Tv Wireless Connection

This connection device allows the person under examination to see the software running on a big screen, for a greater involvement and awareness of one’s ow...
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Technical Spec.

Technical Spec.

Main power supply:
Power supply characteristics:
50 / 60 Hz
Platform connection to the PC:
Person weight information tolerance:
± 0,1 kg
GPS 6 software:
Usable platform surface (L x P):
40 x 33 cm
Safe working load:
200 kg
Overall dimensions:
110 x 199,5 x 99 h cm
Medical class device:




GPS Leonardo Postural Lab


User and maintenance manual

Document date: 21/06/2021
Language: Italian, English
PDF 1017.06 KB
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Declaration of conformity

Compliance statement
Document date: 28/05/2021
Language: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish
PDF 102.69 KB
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Video courses

The GPS Academy has now become an international network through which we endeavour to educate by means of workshops, seminars, conferences, in-company customized training and consultancy, and online media.

Foundation Course - Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement
Buy now! 39 video lessons in total.

Advanced Course - Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement
Pre-launch. Feel free to book in advance.

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