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Tools for diagnostic and evalution for measuring different pathologies or postural data.

Validated instruments for non-invasive measurements and evaluation of different pathologies such as kyphosis, lordosis, heterometry of lower limbs without any load bearing, the flexion rotation of the head.


Analysing the posture of a person may represent common language for medical disciplines, because in this case the person is examined in overall terms

This diagnostic process may therefore be added to by this approach, always with a view to better defining a prevention or cure programme, possibly also by means of multi-disciplinary treatment.

One keyword is “Lifestyle” that in today's world is characterised by more sedentary activity, bad habits and a lack of physical exercise,resulting in greater social costs.

Observing incorrect postural behaviour may, therefore, provide confirmation and act as an incentive for developing prevention strategies from the early developmental age groups.



The person is asked to position themselves on the LUX POSTURAL ANALYSER. 

The person must stand with their feet in the positions indicated on the platform.  The photo covers the entire body of the person examined, and must also include the mirror at the top.  The image reflected in this upper mirror makes it possible to observe whether there is any rotation of the shoulders, and to what extent.

The first position is frontal, with the person looking in the operator's direction.  The person is asked to take up a natural position and look straight ahead.

Typically four photos are acquired: front, left side, back, and right side. 

The person follows the outline on the platform to position their feet correctly.  Another reference point is the centre of the malleolus bone, which must be at right angles and centred in relation to the straight line on the platform for each of the positions indicated. 

Correct positioning of the feet on the front / rear and sagittal plane allows photography to be repeated at later stages.



Body Posture Analysis

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