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In a progressive therapeutic exercise, the use of stairs for rehabilitation is aimed at reintegration to home and creation of possible difficult situations that might occur in the outside environment. In the standard line, lateral handtrails are at a fixed height.



The staircase rehabilitation program makes use of a system consisting of a set of raised platforms and staircases, made up of a painted steel framework, with wear-proof bi-laminated wooden steps and platforms, and thermoplastic non-slip handrails. All parts can be easily washed.


The steps have a continuous design, with rounded corners and tread to facilitate positioning of the foot. In addition, the steps have an insert that reduces the possibility of slipping, while at the same time is a secure foothold during walking.


Three different types of staircase modules, with high or low steps or a ramp, and four platform modules are available in order to create a suitable configuration in relation both to the space available and specific therapeutic rehabilitation programs. The choice of the configuration can be modified or integrated at a later stage.

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