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Our shower and transfer trolleys for children, adults and bariatric patients, are suitable for use both in care facilities and at home. We have devised solutions that make it possible to adapt theshower trolley according to the preferences of caregivers or family members and to the user'santhropometric characteristics.


New light and soft mattress

As result of a long research and testing phase our Research & Development department has released in production a new standard mattress for all three sizes of our shower trolleys: for pediatric, adults or bariatric use. The new mattress is in a soft material, smooth and elastic at the touch, and allows to make faster and efficient the cleaning and disinfection operations for its light weight.

The change of material also enables more comfort for the patient, having introduced a different thickness for both the bottom of mattress and the rising edges. Laboratory test by using sensors have allowed to realize a significant reduction of the medium pressure, the peak of pression and a wider body surface in contact with the mattress compared with other classic ones.

Medium pressure [mmHG] 31.5 23.1
Peak of pressure [mmHG] 113.6 69.7
Body surface contact [in²] 232.81 351.56

Anticorrosion Treatment

The picture beside here shows one of our samples previously treated with special anti-corrosion treatment, after a long test with exposure to a critical environment in a specialised laboratory. The sample is compared to an untreated piece which, after the same tests, shows significant damage due to corrosion agents.



An overview on the main features of Chinesport shower trolleys program.
A complete range of shower trolleys for paediatric use, adults and bariatric use.
How to order a Chinesport configurable shower trolley.

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