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Configurable Product
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Single-level padded table for undressing, hygiene and childcare, electrically adjustable in height by means of a pedal. The table is also equipped with transfer wheels with central locking system.



It is a sturdy and stable structure, which avoids lateral displacements of the padded surface during the ascent and descent phases. This feature is useful to be able to use the table even in small spaces or to optimize them.

It is also characterized by an important base with four rounded corners and a useful floor space of 115 mm for lateral access even with a mobile lift. If necessary, it is also possible to add a rise to the structure as an accessory code AC1272 to be requested when ordering for direct intervention in the factory.


Height adjustment

The padded surface of the table can be adjusted very quickly in height using the pedal provided. This speed of adjustment is allowed by an applied electric actuator of high performance and reliability.

It is therefore possible to reach a very low minimum height, ie the padded top can go down to 44 cm from the floor, and then reach a maximum height of 112 cm. The table allows a maximum variation of 70 cm, and rises about 2 cm per second in the absence of a load.

This height adjustment offers a very important facilitated accessibility also to people in wheelchairs; the table surface even drops to a lower height than a normal wheelchair.

The declared safe working load is up to 250 kg.


Padded top

The single padded top is in high-density foam material with a thickness of 50 mm. The upholstery is then processed with a side band, which contributes to greater comfort for the person on the table during the assisted undressing and possibly hygiene operations.

The padded top has a length of 160 cm, and a standard width of 68 cm.

The upholstery is in quality leatherette resistant to fire, wear, resistant to disinfectants, urine and blood. It is possible to choose from 24 upholstery colors from the standard collection called GIOTTO.


Side rails

The sides are in stainless steel with a length of 150 cm and a height of 21 cm, and can be raised or folded very easily even with one hand by the assistant.

They can also be folded a little inwards to pass through the doors, reducing the overall width. The total footprint can therefore be reduced from 87 to 78 cm.

It is possible, if necessary, to request a locking device for the side rails, which allows the person on the table to be placed even more safely if not sufficiently lucid or cooperative. The device is activated from the external side of the sides without the possibility of access from the user side. This is an option of this configurable product that must be specified in case of interest at the time of the order.

Furthermore, padded elements can be applied to the sides. These side padding can be in the same upholstery color chosen for the top. They are an accessory code AC1002 that can be purchased separately also at a later time.



This table is mobile. It is equipped as standard with swiveling wheels with a diameter of 65 mm for transferring the table even from one room to another. It is very manoeuvrable and can therefore be moved easily by a single operator.

The wheels can then be centrally locked with a pedal system.



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Side Paddings

Side padding with snap buttons. They cover the entire length and useful height of the side panel. Thickness 2 cm
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Raising Feet

Set of 4 metal elements that allow a raising of the base structure for better accessibility with large mobile lifts. The standard useful space goes from 11.5...
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Wedge 2- W 35 X D 35 X H 10

Foam rubber cushion, wedge shaped, covered with synthetic leather.
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Wedge 3- W 60 X D 45 X H 15

Foam rubber cushion, wedge shaped, covered with synthetic leather.
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Lordosis Support- W 29 X D 14 X H 5

This small pillow is used as support for lordosis at lumbar or cervical level.
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Neck Support S

Shaped cushion for use in the supine position covered in similar leather. Possibility of choice in 24 colors.
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Neck Support L

Shaped cushion for use in the supine position covered in similar leather. Possibility of choice in 24 colors.
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Technical Spec.

Technical Spec.

Movement of the support surface:
without lateral movements
Height adjustment:
Power supply:
Power supply type:
230V - 50 / 60Hz
Type of control:
foot switch / hand control
Accessibility with mobile hoisting system:
11.5 cm (16.5 cm with AC1272)
Safe working load:
250 kg
Max body weight:
230 kg
Min / max height:
44 ÷ 114 cm
Max height variation:
70 cm
Height variation in the absence of load:
2 cm / sec
Dimensions (WxL):
87 x 160 cm
Non-marking swivelling wheels:
Ø 7.5 cm
Locking system:
centralized, with pedal
Model weight:
100 kg
Dimensions (WxL):
68 x 160 cm
Padded thickness:
5 cm
Overall height:
6.8 cm
30 kg / m³
Upholstery finishing:
squared edges / with side band
Similar leather:
fireproof / antibacterial
Coating colors:
24 options available
stainless steel
Dimensions (LxH):
150 x 21 cm
Side rails locking device:
optional, at the factory
Side rails padding:
with AC1002
To reduce overall dimensions in width:
folding inside, minimum 78 cm




Declaration of conformity

Compliance statement
Document date: 28/05/2021
Language: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish
PDF 122.29 KB
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User and Maintenance Manual

Document date: 03/02/2021
Language: Italian, English
PDF 1.24 MB
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