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Our mobile changing tables for dressing, care and hygiene operations can be used in public or private centers, institutions for disabled, elderly center, as well as at home.

The changing table is very useful and offers a more comfortable situation for people in need to be assisted. Its usage preserves dignity of the person and prevent postural and back problems for relatives and care givers.

Two main models are available, one is for adults EOLO - A code LN11 and another is for children named EOLO B - code LN21, with some configuration options and specific accessories.

Strength points


The frame is in steel with epoxy powders coating. It’s very sturdy and transfer immediately the feeling of being reliable. The base has four rounded corners and the standard space underneath is of 11.5 cm for access with mobile hoisting systems. It is equipped as standard with 65 mm diameter swiveling wheels. It is highly maneuverable and central locking system for wheels is provided with. The safe working load is up to 250 kg. 


The lifting geometry of the scissor frame avoids lateral displacements of the top and can be useful in limited spaces. Quick height adjustment of the changing table is allowed by means of high-performance electric actuator and with hand control or foot switch. The changing table can reach the minimum height of 44 cm from the floor and then can vary of 70 cm up. The minimum height makes easier the transfer of the person even from the wheelchair. It rises about 2 cm per second in the absence of a load. This simple and immediate frame height adjustment can avoid possible postural and back problems for relatives or care givers.


The padded top has a standard thickness of 50 mm with side band finishing to guarantee greater comfort when the person lies on the top during the assisted dressing and hygiene operations. The padded top is 68 cm width and different length depending on the model, that’s of 160 or 195 cm. The upholstery is in quality leatherette resistant to fire, wear, resistant to disinfectants, urine and blood. It is possible to choose from 24 upholstery colors.


The side rails are in stainless steel with a length of 150 cm and a height of 21 cm. They can be raised or folded very easily. They can also be folded a little inwards to pass through the doors, reducing the overall width from 87 to 78 cm.It is possible, if necessary, to request a locking device for the side rails, which allows the person on the table to be placed even more safely if not sufficiently lucid or cooperative. The device is activated from the external side of the sides without the possibility of access from the user side. This is an option of this configurable product that must be specified in case of interest at the time of the order.


Changing tables

Presentazione - Key features - Specific accessories - Models - Technical data

Brochure, Ed. Feb. 2021, English. 12 pages.

Document date: 01/02/2021
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