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Alt Manual - Clinical and pathophysiologic review - Treatment guide-lines by Luigi Tesio, Alessandra Merlo, Alessandra Raschi

This manual for the Active Lumbar Traction is divided into three chapters and shows the readers the origin of the method and its scientific premises, the practical use and a number of questions with relative answers to get a first idea about this type of treatment.

Particular physiotherapy table divided transversally.
The caudal section of the yable ca be slowly adjusted pu- or downwards and rotated in the left or right direction by means of an electri mechanism, trhough which the terapist can position or mobilize the lumbosacral spine tridimensionally. Excursion and speed of the rotation are conveiced within the limits of absolute safety.

The table is supplied with special vertical and trasversal bars. The patient can grip these bars "pulling" it's own body making in this way efforts of "Active Lumbar Traction".


Language: Italian, English


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