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As we collaborate with specialists and professionals of various fields, a perfect outcome are manuals with medical and scientific content about specific topics. These manuals tell about the different analysis approaches for dealing with posture, about exercise programmes for rehabilitation and prevention, about rehabilitation methods and a better use of the work aids.

Therefore, they can be requested by anyone who may be interested in these topics, or can be included in the packaging along with the product. These documents have been conceived to be used as teaching material as well as for providing further information within the cultural initiatives during training events.


Mi.To. therapeutic table - A guide to Global Posture Systems exercises. Printed in February 2019; 144 pages; English 2 edition; Stef Harley.


This manual explains how to use the device through a set of exercises. Printed in 2007; 84 pages; Italian, English edition.


A manual that describes a set of 71 exercises, showing the many possibilities of use of the system. Printed in June 2012; 36 pages; Italian, English edition.


Exercise manual for back pain therapy and prevention using the wall bars. Printed in May 2016; 20 pages; Italian edition.

Courses and seminar

The content of the courses are constantly being developed as a consequence of the discussion about the participant’s expectations, and as a natural consequence of the results of medical research and experiments, as well as clinical study and validations
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Our specialists

Our specialists share the common desire to implement the training course proposals and, even after interacting among themselves, offer global solutions for the treatment of a given specific pathology in a patient.
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Chinesport Channel

Every year new videos are made to illustrate some useful techniques for the various devices. Showing the ways to apply and use accessories, present medical and scientific content to add value to educational programmes which are sponsored internationally.
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