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User manual that describes a set of 71 exercises, showing the many possibilities of use of the "LEONARDO" system.


This system has been designed to control movement and plan therapy exercises.

This kit provides a quick solution for daily gym workout rehabilitation needs and it makes possible professional intervention even at home.


This system allows working through the rehabilitation process in orthopaedic and neurological pathologies, as it ensures structuring exercises aimed at the patient s specific pathology.

Connecting systems enable the use of several therapeutic aids.


It is possible to intervene adequately to solve such problems as: joint deficiency, strength deficiency, recruitment deficiency, tone disorder and balance disorder.


Author: Alessandro Crippa

Creator of the Modular System for rehabilitation

Physioterapist at Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi  - S.M. Nascente - Milano

Lecturer at Università degli Studi di Milano - Corso di laurea in Fisioterapia


Language: Italian, English


Note: it is also available a complementary DVD, containing the examples of application of "LEONARDO" system – code 01294


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Exercises for the control of pathological characteristics in ambulation
Exercise with oscillating board for upper limbs, torso and pelvis
Control of trunk movements with the aid of antenna

Other videos

Exercises of kinematic and kinesthetic recognition for upper limbs
Exercise for the recruitment of the knee extensors with oscillating board
Introduction of Leonardo System
Exercises with oscillating boards for trunk and upper limbs
Presentation of the accessories of Leonardo Modular System

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