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“Over the many years working a physiotherapist I have become increasingly convinced that the source of the majority of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries lies in faulty posture and ensuing movement patterns. A thorough posture assessment and analysis is therefore a crucial part of my clinical reasoning process when developing a treatment plan. With that I aim to offer my patients effective and efficient treatments with a long lasting results. If we can eliminate faulty posture and movement patterns, we create the right environment for structures to heal and furthermore, we will prevent reinjury.

Our treatments always contain an element of posture improvement and reeducation. Therefore the equipment we source for our practice must allow us to integrate healthy posture and healthy movement into each treatment technique that we administer. The Mi.To/Sinthesi therapeutic table is exactly one of those devices in which we found everything we are looking for to do our therapeutic work. In this handbook I now would like to share how the Mi.To/Sinthesi therapeutic table has revolutionised our therapeutic work. I am sharing over 8 years of clinical experiences in treating over thousands of patients.

Much credit must go to Benedetto Toso and Francesco Mignani, who are the original developers and innovators behind the Mi.To/Sinthesi therapeutic table and the various techniques that can be applied. Their original work provided a basis for my further thinking on how the Mi.To/Sinthesi therapeutic table can be used in everyday therapeutic techniques.

I also do not want to forget to give thanks to Angelo Snidero and the entire Chinesport team. Without the vision, innovative energy and passion to help people that Chinesport has, these products and devices and this platform to communicate between therapists would not exist. Chinesport does not only manufacture and sell devices, they go that step further and offer therapists of all kind to gain knowledge and experience to excel in their therapeutic work.”

Stef Harley


Stef Harley

Graduated as a Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy from the Free University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium in 1998. After working as a young physio for many different sports teams and as resident physiotherapist and S&C coach at Heiveld tennis school he moved to Slovenia. There he runs Synovia Fizioterapija, a private physiotherapy practice. Among his patient base he can count many celebrities and numerous top Slovene as well as international athletes, among which world champions and Olympic medalists. Stef is a published researcher, patent-holding innovator and clinical consultant to clubs, federations and professional organisations. He is a senior lecturer; lecturing in functional anatomy and clinical reasoning for physiotherapists. Stef regularly speaks at conferences, seminars and workshops about sports injuries and prevention, performance enhancement and posture improvement.


Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement conveys Chinesport’s dedication to rehabilitation. Our goal is to offer solutions that are more efficient, effective and provide long-lasting results. We know that healthy posture is an essential foundation for healthy movement. That is why our Global Posture Systems, GPS Pathways for Rehabilitation concept includes everything needed for posture-centred rehabilitation. We integrated top-of-the-line products into a single package; a “one-stop-shop” for the modern therapist. At the center lies a thorough GPS Postural Labs posture analysis. This forms the basis for choosing a GPS Therapeutic Pathway.

The Mi.To/Sinthesi pathway focusses on autogenic relaxation, breathing techniques, myofascial release and stretching, and various exercise modalities. Using TCare, capacitive and resistive energy transfer technology, we control pain and stimulate cell regeneration. A third pathway - the Archimedes Pulley System with BlueCord Exercise System - limitless kinesiotherapy options using suspension and sling exercises techniques. Lastly, healthy movement and posture patterns are integrated in every day living activities using a variety of Chinesport’s proprioceptive and integrative exercise tools.

This handbook covers the use of Mi.To/Sinthesi therapeutic tables within the context of Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement. There is more to Mi.To/Sinthesi than meets the eye. Myofascial release and stretching may be evident, but the Mi.To/Sinthesi therapeutic table can also be used in postural awareness training, respiratory reeducation, spinal mobilisations, muscle strengthening and much more...

Many years of experience and know-how of impassioned Mi.To/Sinthesi users has been poured into this handbook. We are sure you well enjoy its content as much as other education programs and materials in Chinesport’s Healthy Posture for Healthy Movement educational program.

Author: Stef Harley - Language: English - Printed in February 2019 - 2° Edition - 144 pages





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GPS Therapeutic Pathways

Language: English
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