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Rehab treatments for Covid-19 patients


Chinesport equipment suitable for Covid-19 patients rehabilitation programs

Worldwide the corona virus pandemic continues to cause widespread acute respiratory disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. The numbers of patients suffering from pneumonia, gastrointestinal organ problems, acute myocardial lesions and chronic damage to the cardiovascular system are increasing across the globe. Recent studies even suggest neurological involvement, where SARS-CoV-2 affects the central and peripheral nervous systems, including effects on muscle function. 

It is clear that patients suffering from Covid-19 associated respiratory disease are forced or will have been forced to remain bed-ridden for prolonged periods of time. ICU care for periods of weeks or months causes further frailties which require rehabilitation. Most patients - frequently elderly or patients with other chronic conditions - will require long periods of rehabilitation. This will mostly be focussed on respiratory health, but at the same time supported with passive mobilisation and/or active rehabilitation exercises. In many cases this will need to be done in a bedridden situation. The aim will be to recover muscle strength and tone, often weakened by prolonged inactivity. Chinesport has many series of equipment and devices in its product portfolio that can be applied in various stages of care and treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Our shower stretchersmobile lifters and large variety of hospital wheelchairs are indispensable to ensure patient hygiene and safe transfer, while giving maximal support to relieve the efforts of nursing staff. Our anti-decubitus support and postural placement cushions  are essential in making long periods of bedrest less traumatic on the body.

In the later rehabilitation phases, seated posture will need to be trained possible in combination with lower limb mobilisation and muscle activation sessions. Chinesport’s MotoLife is an excellent solution for stimulating lower limb and/or upper limb activity and mobility. As the transition from sitting to standing posture is made and return to all-day-living functionality is stimulated, Chinesport offers a tilt table series  with in particular the prone standing tables and a series of mobile standing devices.

There where functional recovery of walking is required, Chinesport offers walking exercise solutions. To train muscle coordination and increase muscle tone and strength we offer an extensive suspension and pulley therapy solution as well as medical gymnastics.

Our series of occupational therapy devices will assist therapists in ensuring optimal recovery of daily activities and function.

We are confident that together with you, our partners, we can compile an important and comprehensive portfolio of high-quality and functional devices, in order for you to be able to respond to your market’s most urgent needs in a prompt and effective way.

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