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Here we present our hospital chair programme for transporting patients in hospital or community enviroment. They are especially suited for admission, emergency room and ward-transfer purposes.

These models can offer, both, front and side access. The seat and the backrest have been designed with a padded surface to allow a comfortable position, even during long use by the patient. The backrest can be easily reclined by means of a lever command positioned on the push handlebar. These models can be used either in indoor and outdoor enviroments. A pedal command, depending on the model, can be used to activate the steering-lock system for easy transfer along aisles or let the wheels free and swivelling. Last, a centralized braking system on the rear wheels is available. The maximum workload is 160 kg.

Detail of the backrest pocket

Folding arm for easy access

Central braking system and steering lock

Push handle and adjustable backrest lever

Ergonomical padding

Flip-back support footrest for easy access


This model is suitable especially for indoor transfer. The carer can easily move the hospital chair with the patient on, even in extremely narrow spaces. Furthermore, the centralized braking system on the two rear wheels is a special feature of this model. It is possible to activate, with the same pedal control, a steering-lock system on the rear wheels.


This model, on the other hand, is suitable also for outdoor transfer or wherever it may be necessary to deal with small obstacles or rough ground. This is possible due to the front solid rubber wheels of 300 mm diameter. The hospital chair is, therefore, designed also with a centralized braking system on the rear wheels, which is actioned by pedal.

Tilting and movements

Steering lock system: this function maintains the set direction and makes it easier to turn the hospital chair around itself.

Fixed front wheels help maintain the set direction, swivel rear wheels make it easier to move in small spaces.

See the hospital chair in the different available colors

24 upholstery colors available. Some example.


Patient transport

Hospital chairs - Introduction - Elba model - Ischia model - Patient stretchers - Configuration options - Visit Mobil™ model - Visit Transfer™ model - Multi-purpose transfer chair - Test Mobil™ model - Accessories - Common accessories - Accessories for Test Mobil™ - For protection and hygiene - Wheelchairs - Foldable wheelchairs - Reclinable wheelchairs

Brochure, Ed. April 2024, English. 28 pages.

Document date: 01/04/2024
PDF 2.97 MB


Wheelchairs for patient transport - ELBA/ISCHIA

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