Standing frames

Configurable standing frames, used for transfering and lifting disabled people or people with great mobility difficulties. Designed to lift the person and maintain it in an upright position, and to move around indoor independentely without assistance from a carer.

Configuration guide

The Chinesport standing frame can be configured in the best way to meet the specific needs of the end user. Every position of the product code has its own specific meaning, with different available options, and therefore there is always the possibility to show a preference. The choice of the options determines the base characteristics of the product. Along with the options, there are also the accessories which moreover contribute to improve the comfort, accessibility and for greater support and safety. Accessories can be purchased at a second moment as well.

An overview on options and adjustments

A strong link between Struzzo’s performance and its adjustments has emerged as a key aspect to the success of this standing system. This essential condition, which is not negative in itself, becomes critical if one thinks they can use and fully appreciate Struzzo without having first adjusted it to the user’s body, or that they can adjust it without fully understanding what they are actually doing. Thus, adjusting the standing system to the person's anthropometric characteristics is the first and most important operation to do. It may only be done by an adequately skilled operator. A wrong adjustment limits or even hinders the use of the device.

Chinesport standing frames outstand for their easy tool-free adjustment feature which makes this operation fast and easy to carry out sometimes even by the end user.

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Standing at an upright position allows the patient to return and get used to a normal position after being bedridden for a long period. For keeping an upright position, the body must excert some forces which are different from the ones he is used to excert when dealing with just a bed or a wheelchair. Thus, a relief can be obtained, decubitus pathologies can be prevented as well as using some articulations which are generally never put into action. One more accomplishment is setting the dyaphragma free, which favour breathing.

“There are no precise indications as to the duration and frequency of use required to experience specific benefits from using these tools. Most studies refer to a 30-45 minutes use per day. However, it appears that those who can stand up for 1 and half hours per day can benefit from a great improvement regarding secondary complications.It would therefore appear that the minimum recommended time may be 30 minutes.”


Graduating Thesis by Amon Rambaldini
Master in “Assistive Technology – Aids for the Wider User Base”
University of Trieste – Academic Year 2003-2004



  • Riduces the decubitus sores
  • Riduces the risk of venous return deficit
  • May reduce spasticity of lower limbs
  • Helps prevent retraction of the muscles of the lower limbs
  • Helps keeping the bone trophism
  • It stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • It improves the dyaphragm breathing capacity
  • It improves function of the intestine
  • Reduces the risk of loss of sense of vertical position

This pictures do not corrispond fully to the new available configurations. Please see in detail the new choices available.


One's position is a way of expression. Comunicating from an upright position has a deeply positive significance.


The Standing frame with independet mobility by means of a joystick allows quick transferring, without the need of a carer's intervention. Once the upright position is reached, many daily-routine activities can be done. It is possible to perform movements on flat surface. It becomes easy to reach work tops to make use of them. Learning a specific technique according to the user's physical conditions, enables the user to perform many things without the presence of a carer.



International Edition, printed in October 2016; Pages 247 - 290; English.
PDF 3.59 MB

Chinesport presents the new model of Struzzo

Presentation of the New model of Struzzo, to move independently

Chinesport presents the new model of Struzzo

Test n.3: Struzzo's casters in motion.

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