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Chinesport offers a series of GPS Therapeutic Pathways courses that was developed and is provided in cooperation with experts from the GPS Academy. The course content is based on many decades of combined practical and clinical knowledge and experience of our experts. They are all experienced international speakers and will be able to provide you optimal support in the GPS Therapeutic Pathways.

Defining posture and the state-of-the-art in Global Posture Systems assessment and analysis


Duration: 2 days

  1. Learn how different subsystems and body components interact in human posture and increase injury risk and contribute to pain and disorders;
  2. Introduction to fundamental concepts in Global Posture Systems analysis;
  3. Basic measurements and parameters in Global Posture Systems analysis and assessment;
  4. Understand mechanisms underlying common postural deviations and how they interact in therapy;
  5. Create basic GPS Therapeutic Pathways treatment plans that respect postural interdependencies.

GPS Therapeutic Pathways approach in treating and preventing lower limb injuries and disorders


Duration: 2-3 days

  1. Learn how common posture issues affect lower limb injury and disorder risk;
  2. Review lower limb posture measurements and latest research;
  3. Gain insights into how lower limb segments affect each other and discover global posture interdependencies;
  4. Understand the treatment of common lower limb injuries and disorders from a postural viewpoint; ACL injury, patellofemoral pain, MTSS, plantar fasciitis,…;
  5. Integrate GPS Therapeutic Pathways into your lower limb treatment plans.

Avoiding and treat shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries using GPS Therapeutic Pathways


Duration: 2 days

  1. Overview aetiology and prevalence of upper limb injuries with particular focus on overhead sports;
  2. Learn how common upper limb injuries and disorders can be caused by poor posture;
  3. Use GPS posture assessment tools to assess and analyse upper limb posture;
  4. Shoulder impingement and scapular dyskinesia testing and treatment protocols;
  5. Integrating GPS Therapeutic Pathways; myofascial release, activation and strengthening, integrative and proprioceptive training.

Integrating GPS Therapeutic Pathways in spine and pelvic pain therapy


Duration: 2-3 days

  1. Discuss aetiology of common disorders from posture perspective;
  2. Learn how GPS analysis can be used to develop a more encompassing therapeutic strategy;
  3. Overview current global posture concepts in spine and pelvic disorders;
  4. Apply GPS Therapeutic Pathways in treatments;
  5. Learn pelvic and spinal pain prevention strategies through implementation of Global Posture Systems concepts.

Angelo Snidero, founder and owner Chinesport, remarks that »the process of cooperating with our valued customers has led us to develop a deeper understanding of the current needs of rehabilitation specialist. From our extensive range of products we were then able to develop a package of treatment modalities that are essential for a modern and successful practice. In this way we are able to offer our customers a true turn-key solution for their practice. We would like GPs Therapeutic Pathways to represent a one-stop-shop solution that is easy to learn, is affordable, yet remains to be state-of-the-art. It is also for that reason that we welcome the initiative of our valued customers to come together under the GPS Academy to provide education and conduct research in posture assessment and postural reeducation.«



A Novel Approach to Treating Musculo-skeletal Disorders and Injuries: Global Posture Systems Therapeutic Pathways Approach
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Our specialists share the common desire to implement the training course proposals and, even after interacting among themselves, offer global solutions for the treatment of a given specific pathology in a patient.
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Manuals with medical-scientific contents on subjects born from collaborations with specialized professionals. Supplied on request or included in the product packaging. Conceived also as teaching material to support cultural and educational initiatives.
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Every year new videos are made to illustrate some useful techniques for the various devices. Showing the ways to apply and use accessories, present medical and scientific content to add value to educational programmes which are sponsored internationally.
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