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Stef Harley

Stef Harley

Postural Reeducation
Postural Analysis System Master Trainer - Global Posture Systems expert

Courses and activities

Master in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, and GPS Academy member will be demonstrating how he uses the GPS Therapeutic Pathways concept in his practice, on a daily basis during MEDICA.

Stef obtained his Master degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy from the Vrije University Brussels in Belgium. Stef is an international speaker and lecturer on the re-education and adoption of proper posture, injury prevention and on the optimal execution of body activities. In his private practice he treats a wide variety of patients using GPS principles and pathways. His patients base includes professional athletes and World and Olympic champions.

Since 2008, Stef has been using Chinesport's products to assess posture and treat a wide varied of musculoskeletal disorders. His patient base includes Olympic, World and European champions in a wide variety of sports.

«I acquired my GPS 400 Postural Lab in 2008 and have been using it on a daily basis since then. This provides me crucial information on how the different parts of the body interact with each other and how a certain type of injury or disorder may have been caused, or how faulty posture is causing issues for the patient. Based on this detailed global posture assessment, I decide on how best to treat the patient using a focused treatment plan that consists of different therapeutic pathways.

In the first pathway we use electrophysiological equipment with which we modulate acute pain and inflammation. We are very enthusiastic users of Chinesport’s TCare, which delivers cellular regeneration and remodelling. I have been using this product for some time now and through its therapeutic properties is helps reduce both acute and chronic pain, and assists in healing inflammation (e.g. tendinitis).

Once we have a pain-free patient we can start working on improving his function using therapeutic exercises. For this we use the Archimede system because it allows to develop an unlimited range of exercise modalities and adjust exercises exactly to the patient's needs and abilities.

During these exercises we will probably be confronted with limitations in range of motion that are caused by contractions in the myofascial system. Treating these limitations requires myofascial release techniques for which we use the Sinthesi therapeutic table; this is our third therapeutic pathway.

Once the patient is pain-free and function has been restored we need to integrate new, healthy posture and movement patterns into daily life situations. For this we use a wide variety of proprioceptive devices (balance pads, rolls, etc...). We can also use a combination of all three previous pathways (Archimede, Sinthesi and TCare). Quite literally, I place patients in a position on the Sinthesi table that stretches the affected myofascial chain, I put them in a sling system that requires them to use muscle strength to stay in position, and at the same time use TCare to increase joint range of motion. The therapeutic results can be pretty impressive.»

Stef Harley answer

"About TCARE therapy. Is it possible to use hands free? It means therapist use it leave hands on patient body.  (South Korea – March 2018) "
No, TCARE it is not hands free. And neither should any of the other CRET devices be hands free. One of the beautiful and important characteristics of CRET is that it enhances the therapeutic effects of tissue or structure (eg joint) movement. In that respect it is very important the therapist works closely with the patient. Generally treatments to no longer than 20 minutes to achieve the desired therapeutic effects. In many cases treatments are even shorter.
"Is the T care belong to TECAR therapy?  And what is the TECAR therapy? Is that from Italia?  (South Korea – March 2018) ."
The correct scientific term is CRET therapy; Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer . T.E.C.A.R. is a commercial name originating from Spanish or Italian language. Yes, TCare provides CRET therapy. TECAR originates indeed from Italy and also Spain.
"I do have one question about the MiTo table. How easy or difficult is it to adjust the two legs together as a single unit?  I imagine that I’ll be using the legs together more than I will be isolating a single leg for static manipulations.  I do a lot more of passive unwinding, muscle energy and dynamic release work than bolstering one leg for extended positional release. My big concern is that I will become frustrated trying to keep the two leg segments of the table working in unison. Thanks!" (Glen Weimer – U.S. - November 2018)
I had a similar issue with the table as you are asking. More specifically, I never knew whether I’d put all the segments back to complete horizontal… So together with Chinesport we made a very simple goniometer that is attached by magnet to all the segments. You can buy packets of 4 or 8 goniometers. Using these goniometers you will always be sure the angulation of the leg segments are identical. In practice, I don’t really have much problems moving the leg segments as a single unit. There will be some slight differences, maybe because of hand dominance of the therapist, but I find they are negligible. At the end of each leg segment there are 2 little handles that you simply (and lightly!) press to release the leg segments. The hydraulic systems then really take over, so you are simply guiding the movement. You are not doing actually much lifting. I have many basketball players in my practice. You can imagine a centre’s legs are will into 40-50 kg and I don’t really have a problem mobilising them with the hydraulic system. If you do have problems with that, then I would simply tie my mobilising belt around both leg segments and ensure they move together…. Regards - Stef Harley
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