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STRUZZO™ with remote control!


Our STRUZZO™ assistive device was born in the late 90's to allow the end user to stand up and move independently. Today it's at its 5th generation.

The STRUZZO RC is with a remote control. The user can move away his own device and park it a bit far, where for instance it's of less disturbance. Then the user can always call back the device when he wants to stand up, and transfer himself again without assistance by caregiver or the relative.

Watching television

The remote control can be very userful. The person can transfer on the sofa and move away the STRUZZO™ aid. This allows to watch television in a comfortable way with free view in front. So the user is more integrated in the daily life just easily moving away the aid where for instance it can be of less disturbance.

Parking the STRUZZO™ when you go to bed

By going to bed for a rest the person could have the pleasure of "parking" his STRUZZO™ at the end of the bed. This is now also possible!

For those who already use the STRUZZO™

It is possible to request an adaptation in order to integrate it with the remote control and these new features. However, the modification must be carried out by a qualified technician.

We hope to further improve people's lives with this original aid which allows better social reintegration, at home and at work.

Sitting on the sofa to watch television - part 1 of 2

Sitting on the sofa to watch television - part 1 of 2

Sitting on the sofa to watch television - part 2 of 2

Parking the STRUZZO™ at the end of the bed

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