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Fisiotek HP2 is a highly versatile apparatus that offers passive shoulder, elbow and wrist mobilization with various types of movements.
Its base rests on 5 pirouetting wheels with a brake, and this allows the apparatus to be easily moved and locked in the desired position. The device is provided with a memory card, useful for loading and store specific profiles for each user.


It is adjustable in height and the body of the apparatus can be tilted. This makes it possible to perform the entire arthral range of movements, to use it with the patient sitting or supine, and to have a wide choice of the plane surface where the movement will be carried out. 


A variety of accessories can be mounted on its mechanical arm, depending on the type of rehabilitative movement chosen.It is possible to program all of the functions on the fixed keyboard. The movable keyboard allows the patient to stop and start the movement by using the STOP and START pushbuttons, which have the same function of those on the fixed keyboard.


Movements carried out on the shoulder:

  • Elevation 5° ÷ 180°
  • Adduction-abduction 35° ÷ 150°
  • Internal-external rotation 90° ÷ 0 ÷ 90°

Movements carried out on thel elbow (with appropriate accessories):

  • Flexo-extension 0° ÷ 150°
  • Prone-supination 90° ÷ 0° ÷ 90°

Movements carried out on thel wrist (with appropriate accessories):

  • Flexo-extension 80° ÷ 0° ÷ 80°
  • Ulnar-radial deviation 20° ÷ 0° ÷ 30°



  • Only one device for physical therapy: it has been designed in order to provide a complete solution for whom that treat different patologies for the upper limbs: this is only thanks to the wide choice of accessories that are available (as optional) for this device.
  • Flexibility: it gives the possibility to operate both with patient in seated than in supine position. This is an excellent point of beginning, because it provide more comfortable position for the patient. This possibility is enriched by the wheeled carriage, which allow to move the device everywhere.
  • Wide range of movement: being able to treat all the major upper joints, Fisiotek HP2 cover the complete physiological range through different movements for each articulation (Picture 1): - Shoulder: elevation - adduction/abduction - rotation (internal/external) - Elbow: flexion/extension - pronation/supination - Wrist: deviation - flexion/extension
  • Customization: this CPM device boast the opportunity to treat different patients, even if they don't have to follow the same rehab session. Thanks to the Memory Card system, Fisiotek HP2 offer data memorization of all the parameters set; for this reason, it's possible to have one card for each patient.
  • Precision and reliability: HP2 mobilizer offers excellent stability thanks to the weight. It's precise, because it uses a pointer laser for the correct correspondence with the rotation centres of the joints, and extremely reliable over time, because it not requires periodical maintenance or checks.


Fisiotek HP2 is available for customers who have physiotherapy centres, rehab clinics, physical therapy structures, and for all the professionals in Rehab field who need a perfect combination between quality, durability and reliability.


  • Speed in both directions: min. 1,5°/sec. max. 3,5°/sec.
  • Work time
  • Automatic increase of the amplitude of movement on both limits
  • Pause in both movement limits
  • Warm-up cycles



Surgical pathologies

  • Arthroscopy for calcific tendinitis
  • Acromyoplasty
  • Long head of biceps tenotomy + acromyoplasty
  • Acromyoplasty + tenotomy of the supraspinal
  • Arthroscpy for supraspinal injury + acromyoplasty
  • Tenodesis of the long head of biceps and supraspinal reconstruction
  • Synovectomy, bursectomy, arthroscopic acromyoplasty


Non-surgical pathologies

  • Brachial nerve injury
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Humerus fracture
  • Arthrosis
  • Rotator cuff tendopathies
  • Contusive traumas of the rotator cuff
  • Fracture of the trochities
  • Capsuloligamental hyperlaxity
  • Calcific tendopathies
  • Adhesive capsulities
  • Impingement from subacromial conflict


Battery Charger

External battery and battery charger for Fisiotek devices LT-G LT-P, LT
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Technical Spec.

Technical Spec.

77 kg
Power supply:
85÷260 V - 50÷60 Hz
Electric Safety:
Class I BS EN 60601-1
Electromagnetic compatibility:
Group 1 Class BS EN 60601-1-2
Classification according to EEC Directive 93/42:
Class IIa




Weight, size and volume

Weight, size and volume (+/- 10%)
N° Package Package type Dimension Weight Volume
1 scatola su bancale cm 80 x 80 x 136 h kg 93 mc 0.8704


Declaration of conformity

Compliance statement
Document date: 31/01/2019
Language: Italian, English
PDF 450.94 KB
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Declaration of conformity

Compliance statement
Document date: 09/07/2013
Language: Italian, English
PDF 214.47 KB
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Manuale Istruzioni

Document date: 27/02/2013
Language: Italian
PDF 2.73 MB
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User and Maintenance Manual

Document date: 27/02/2013
Language: English
PDF 2.71 MB
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When should Fisiotek HP2 be used?

Whenever joint movement needs to be restored passively in both surgical and non-surgical pathologies.

Why choose FISIOTEK HP2?

It lets you perform all the movements for each joint The extension of the movement comprises the entire physiological range; It can be used whether the patient is sitting or supine; It makes positioning the patient easier; Its versatility lets you work on the three major joints of the upper limb: shoulder , elbow and wrist; It is stable and accurate; It uses the Memory Card.

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