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New Generation GPS Postural Labs


Do not miss your opportunity to get ahead in global posture assessment and analysis and visit us in Medica 2019 at the Chinesport Stand 4A45 in Hall 4

Not to be missed Medica 2019. We are very excited to launch our next generation GPS Postural Labs at Medica 2019. This will be the 4th generation in the GPS Postural Labs line that has been on the market for over 20 years. During that time our GPS Postural Labs have always been at the forefront of global posture analysis and assessment. Our newest GPS Postural Labs now feature brand new, ground-breaking GPS 6.0 software with more functionality and a completely revamped, contemporary design. Visit us at Medica 2019 to see how you can become a leader in state-of-the-art posture analysis and assessment.

Global posture analysis becomes a piece of cake with new graphic interface and wizard. The GPS 6.0 software’s includes a new graphic user interface that swiftly and intuitively guides users through posture measurement, assessment and analysis processes. Based on the Windows operating system, the graphical interface feels very intuitive to work with and soon becomes second nature to users. The Diagnostics Wizard navigates users step-by-step through the GPS Postural Labs assessment process. This feature was developed and is recommended by the experts from the GPS Academy. For those with more experience and expertise in the posture assessment and analysis, the GPS 6.0 software offers the ability to freely and easily navigate through all the measurement tools and analysis features. In this way global posture assessments can be completely customised to suit the needs of all levels of expertise.

Automated postural fault detection

Another unique feature is our automated measurement assessment tool that informs clinicians automatically of faulty postures. The same data and information is also immediately transferred to the reporting system. These entirely new and exclusive features are completely manageable and adjustable by the user so that measurement tolerance levels and reporting of results can be completely customised.

Dynamic posture and balance assessment and training system in one

Our popular Podata stabilometric assessment system, now features even more measurement and data analysis options than before. Test conditions can be completely customised to suite your nees. Even more so, using the Podata test adjustment features can now turn the Podata into a balance training system to provide patient and clinician with instant biofeedback during posture adjustment exercises

High demands for patient safety, and reliability and accuracy of measurements

Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing postural labs has given us an unmatched and unprecedented level of insight into the needs of clinicians and the patients that undergo a global posture analysis. While the newest software provides a unique and streamlined user experience to the clinician, the newest generation GPS Postural Lab 800 provides an added-value experience for the patient. The patient can now be guided from the GPS Postural Analyzer where data of static posture is taken, to the Podata where data of dynamic posture and balance are taken, without having to set foot on the practice floor. The Postural Lab was designed to guarantee the highest attainable level of safety for any type of patient, particularly those vulnerable to falls or people with mobility issues. By having all GPS Postural Lab 800 elements closely and securely linked together, we guarantee increased accuracy, reliability and repeatability of measures. This is particularly important when making repeat measures in follow-up visits.


GPS Posture Labs

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