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GPS THERAPEUTIC PATHWAYS - The One-Stop Physical Therapy Solution



  • A novel, state-of-the-art, posture-centered approach
  • Effectively and efficiently treat musculoskeletal pain, injuries and disorders
  • Unites Chinesport’s top-of-the-line therapeutic and diagnostic technologies
  • An affordable, easy-to-use and original package
  • Provides unique therapeutic and competitive advantages.




Today rehabilitation and physical therapy practices are under tremendous time and space pressure to cope with the massive amount of patients that present with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Moreover, patient profiles vary greatly and patients are increasingly demanding; they want results now and donot want to spend much time in therapy. To stay competitive, clinicians are forced to choose the most efficient and effective means possible to treat patients.

GPS Therapeutic Pathways represents a unique opportunity to relieve the strain on modern, advanced practices. This latest treatment concept encompasses Chinesport’s top-of-the-line therapeutic devices in a simple, one-stop, affordable package. Clinicians can now combine three different therapeutic modalities in a single intervention.

TCare capacitive and resistive energy transfer (CRET) is used to modulate pain and promote cellular regeneration. At the same time, Mi.TO/Sinthesi therapy provides the possibility to initiate myofascial release and soft tissue lengthening. Archimede pulley and suspension exercise therapy delivers precise mechanotransduction impulses through specific therapeutic exercises to initiate tissue repair processes. Integrative posture exercises close the therapeutic cycle by integrating newly restored posture into everyday movement patterns. A followup GPS Postural Labs assessment can confirm whether progress has been made.

The ability to combine all GPS Therapeutic Pathways at once, saves valuable time, resources and energy for both patient and clinician.




A GPS Postural Lab assessment of your patient’s static and dynamic posture is the first and last step of any GPS Therapeutic Pathways intervention. It tells you where you are and where you can go.

Good global posture is an indicator of good musculoskeletal health. Yet prevalence and incidence of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are reaching pandemic proportions. Our excessively sedentary and inactive lifestyle with long periods in fixed and strained positions leads to poor static and dynamic posture.This eventually makes healthy movement impossible.

It is paramount to regain control of our postural harmony by precisely identifying incorrect body positions and making targeted corrections. We need to reset and re-establish healthy posture.

Posture reeducation therapy and posturology are rapidly gaining popularity and recognition among experts. Decades of research and experience has helped us better understand how correct posture, and greatly improves the quality of life, helping prevent and treat a large number of dysfunctions and injuries.

For decades Chinesport has worked together with leading experts in global posture analysis. We are now at the forefront of researching and developing new, highly accurate tools to analyse static and dynamic posture as well as offering innovative therapeutic devices.

The GPS Postural Labs range is the result of our dedication to healthy posture for healthy movement. We offer five modular workstations from entry to expert level. This allows you to select a GPS Postural Lab that exactly suits your practical and clinical needs, while remaining affordable.

All GPS Postural Labs include our unique and proprietary software that assists you in making the right clinical decisions. They allow you to obtain and combine data from different subsystems that affect posture and ensure data is recorded in an accurate, repeatable and reliable way. This allows the clinician to make important comparisons between visits to precisely record patient progress.

Medical general practitioners, orthopeadic specialists and engineers, physiatrists, physical therapists chiropractitioners, movement therapists, osteopaths and any other whose work relies on healthy posture will recognize the unique benefits of GPS Postural Labs assessments and analysis.


GPS Therapeutic Pathways

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Brochure Posture Analysis

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3.1 Spine Stabilizers Activation

Combining different therapeutic modalities saves time and effort, making treatments more efficient and effective. Stef Harley of Synovia Fizioterapija explains how within the GPS Pathways for Rehabilitation, different modalities are combined in the treatm

3.1 Spine Stabilizers Activation

3.2 Lumbar Mobilisation and Stabilisation

3.3 Lumbar Strengthening

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