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Configurable Product
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Examination or treatment two sections table adjustable in height electrically or by means of a hydraulic piston. The power supply is from the mains, but you can also request customization with battery power. Equipped with large diameter wheels, fitted with brake; transfers are facilitated by one directional wheel. Sections width 80 cm.


Height adjustment
The height adjustment function offers a great advantage in accessibility, and in particular when transferring to the table for elderly people or people with reduced mobility. In these cases it is no longer necessary to use risers or steps. The height adjustment can vary from a minimum of 47 to a maximum of 97 cm. In the case of electric height adjustment, it is possible to choose between different types of pedal or push button control. Alternatively, if the preference is for hydraulic adjustment, the piston is activated by a double pedal arranged on both long sides of the table.

The frame
The painted metal structure is sturdy, stable, silent in movement, with all the rotating points sliding on self-lubricating bushings. The system of "half-moon levers" during height adjustment shows a structure with essential curves and an original design. It is therefore subject to protection as an ornamental model at European level. The base frame allows lateral accessibility with a mobile lift or electro-medical trolley.

Padded sections
It is made up of two padded sections with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and fire-resistant leatherette cover. The sections are fixed to the frame by means of bushings that guarantee extreme stability, even in the event of stress during manipulations, and an easy replacement in case of renewal over the years. The standard thickness of the padding is 40 mm, but it can be higher on request. The width of the segments is 80 cm for a total length of 195 cm. The leatherette processing can be done with seamless rounded edges, or with a side band that makes the padded segments softer and more comfortable for the person. It is possible to choose from 24 upholstery colors from the standard series called Giotto.

Head section adjustment
The head section is adjustable in positive (+70°) and negative (-20°) by means of a gas spring assisted system and ergonomic handle. Its length is 80 cm, and it can be used as a backrest to allow the patient to stay even in a sitting position.

Breathing hole
Although this model is not equipped with a mouth/nose hole, an alternative version of this model with a standard breathing hole is available for the head section if it is of interest to use the table with the patient also in the prone position. The belonging padded plug is therefore supplied as standard. In case of interest, we invite you to view the alternative model.

Wheels with braking and directional lock system
This professional table can also be equipped with 120 mm large retractable non-marking wheels for easy movement also with patient in charge. The table can then be locked by means of a pedal system with individual brake on each wheels. Transfers are facilitated by one directional wheel for easier transportation on long, straight stretches.

Safe working load
This height-adjustable table can be configured with an hydraulic or electric actuator for a safe working load of up to 200 kg.



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Additional Control 1

Foot pedal or hand control, fitted with magnetic, ergonomic support.
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Foot Switch Holder

Housing for the AC0083 accessory. Can be applied on either side of the base frame as preferred by the carer. Not suitable for therapy couches equipped with p...
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Additional Foot Pedal 1

The additional foot pedal provides another way to control the table height adjustment. It can be used on both sides
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Additional Hand Control 1

Additional hand control for models fitted with single motor. Provides the table height adjustment. It has a magnet so it can be easily attached to the table ...
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Safety Device

This device disconnects the mains supply from the height adjustment system and stops any inappropriate use when the carer is away.
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Auxiliary Battery

Auxiliary battery enables the table to be used without power supply. The battery comes with a support so it can be secured to the frame base.
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Drip Stand

Chromed steel drip stand that is attached to models from the Visit and Test series. Must be paired with AC0313 support for Visit Series and AC0026 for Test S...
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Drip Stand Support

To be used with the drip stand accessory code AC0027. It can only be attached to models from the VISIT series (can be supplied in combination).
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Protective Sheet Set

This set contains 10 synthetic fabric sheets with elasticated border. This sheet can be used on any examination and treatment table with standard size/width.
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Standard Paper Roll Set

The set includes 6 x 60 cm wide rolls. Each roll is 85 meters long. External diameter cm 14 , internal diameter cm 4,5.
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Maxi Paper Roll Set

The set includes 2 x 90 cm wide rolls. Each roll is 100 meters long.
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Paper Roll Holder F

Paper roll holder adjustable to a variety of roll widths. Recommended for use with paper rolls from set AC0034.
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Paper Roll Holder H

Head end metal support with adjustable width, similar to AC0031. Available for 2015 therapy tables only.
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Cushion With Hole - W 40 X D 34 X H 9

Cushion with hole, used on treatment tables not provided with a breathing hole.
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Technical Spec.

Technical Spec.

Number of sections:
Safe working load:
200 kg
Height adjustment:
Min/Max table height:
47 ÷ 97 cm
Mains supply:
220V 50-60Hz / 24V 70VA
Actuator thrust:
6000 N
IP Protection:
Head section adjustment:
Gas spring-assisted
Head section tilt:
+70° -20°
Wheels diameter:
12 cm
Braking system:
Individual on each caster
Upholstery safety rating:
1 IM
Padding thickness:
40 mm
30 kg/m³
74 kg




Code Repertoire:


User and Maintenance Manual

Document date: 17/06/2021
Language: Italian, English

PDF 1.2 MB
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Declaration of conformity

Compliance statement
Document date: 28/05/2021
Language: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish
PDF 142.31 KB
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Manual de instrucciones

Document date: 30/07/2010
Language: Spanish
PDF 485.92 KB
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Document date: 30/07/2010
Language: German
PDF 757.63 KB
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