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Occupational tables


Adjustable occupational table for a wide range of users

Our height-adjustable occupational tables can be used at home, in the office, in the community. They allow you to work standing up, sitting or in an alternating mode. They also easily adapt to the seated position of the person on wheelchair.

Key features


Our work tables are adjustable in height by means of a gas spring assisted system. Height adjustment is fast, silent, effortless, and the table does not require particular maintenance over time.

The ergonomic adjustment handle is positioned immediately under the top.


With a light, robust and reliable design, it adjusts in height quickly. It is a steel structure painted white with epoxy powders.

It is equipped as standard with swivel, non-marking wheels and with individual brake. Once the wheel brake is activated, the occupational table remains extremely stable where it is positioned.

The occupational table can, therefore, also be moved or transferred easily from the environment


Our occupational tables, tilt-adjustable models in particular, can be used together with various Teorema project work aid for a simulation of different activities of daily living and in the context of upper limb rehab.

Work aids are equipped with non-slip rubber pads which allow the aid to remain stable on the surface of the worktop during use. The inclination adjustment of the work surface can also help to create variations in the graduality or progression of the same exercise.


The top of our occupational tables is made of wood with rounded edges and is 2.3 cm thick. Various top configurations are available for width and depth dimensions.

The worktop can also be composed of one or more sections, and be fully or partially adjustable in angle.

Finally, there are configurations with a concave shape on the user side for greater accessibility and approach to the worktop itself.


The base of the structure of our occupational tables allows accessibility even with wheelchairs of various width dimensions.

The height of the table can thus also be adjusted, so that the workstation adapts ergonomically accordingly to the special seating position of the wheelchair user.


We are too often sit, at home, in the car, at the workplace

The height-adjustable occupational table can be used at home, in the office, in the community. It allows you to work even when standing, or easily adapts to the person's sitting position when he or she is also in a wheelchair.

We are too often sit, at home, in the car, at the workplace with negative effects on our posture and mobility stiffened body structures It is a bad habit of the lifestyle in this era, but you can reprogram yourself.

You can decide to work standing or to alternate your working position using one of our height-adjustable occupational tables. You can even forget to work seated, and indeed while standing up, wanting to take a few steps or some exercises, some stretching or mobilization exercises on the spot, using the table top as reference or grasping point. You can also use tools for movement of the lower limbs such as the MOVIN STEP or a stepper on spot.

When you are already standing, at your adjustable table, you can also be more available for internal transfers to another office, another environment, looking for a more direct conversations with people instead of virtual relationships or email correspondence.


Occupational therapy

Teorema™ project - introduction - Libraries - Configurable tools - Grasp exercises and inserting - The magic snake - To work with one or two hands - Grasping and screwing - Structures - Configurable structures - Configured structures - Ergo mobile station - Key features - Accessories - Work tables - Key features - Models - Technical data - Some accessories - Instrumental evaluations

Brochure, Ed. April 2024, English. 52 pages.

Document date: 01/04/2024
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