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Occupational tables

Our occupational tables are height-adjustable by means of gas spring servo-assisted system. These work tables are sturdy, reliable, and they are easy to move because equipped with non-marking wheels and individual brake.

The top is wooden with rounded edges, various sizes are available, the top for some models is also tilt adjustable for the whole or partial surface. Some models also have a concave shape for greater accessibility and approach to the top itself.

They can be used together with various work aids for the simulation of different daily life activities or in the context of upper limb rehabilitation programs. The work aids are equipped with non-slip rubbers, which allow a stability of the aid on the surface during use.

We are too often sit, at home, in the car, at the workplace

The height-adjustable occupational table can be used at home, in the office, in the community. It allows you to work even when standing, or easily adapts to the person's sitting position when he or she is also in a wheelchair.

We are too often sit, at home, in the car, at the workplace with negative effects on our posture and mobility stiffened body structures It is a bad habit of the lifestyle in this era, but you can reprogram yourself.

You can decide to work standing or to alternate your working position using one of our height-adjustable occupational tables. You can even forget to work seated, and indeed while standing up, wanting to take a few steps or some exercises, some stretching or mobilization exercises on the spot, using the table top as reference or grasping point. You can also use tools for movement of the lower limbs such as the MOVIN STEP or a stepper on spot.

When you are already standing, at your adjustable table, you can also be more available for internal transfers to another office, another environment, looking for a more direct conversations with people instead of virtual relationships or email correspondence.



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