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Configurable working aids


Modular aids made by a hole base and a series of different modules combined together, allowing multiple configurations and exercises for the therapist.

Choose your preferred configuration

The following elements require a different technique and skill to grasp and insert.
These elements can be considered as accessories, which means that they integrate the exercise aid kits already described in the previous pages, or they can also provide the professional with more options for free configurations.

Rehabilitation goals

  • Grasp: terminal digital, digito-lateral
  • Joint mobility: interphalangeal joints, metacarpophalangeal joints
  • Muscle strength (inserting into and removing from holes)

  • To practise grasping knobs
  • Cognitive functions: orienting the hand in space, hand-eye coordination
  • A variety of geometrical shapes can be created.

The base modules used to attach the aids are made from highly resistant, anti-bacterial materials of the highest quality, made to last over time without any alteration.

In particular it’s resistant to water and UV rays. This base can also be easily disinfected with 70% alcohol solutions or other aggressive agents when that’s necessary according to more strict hospital provisions.

Configuration example


The half-moon discs have a grip that is easier to grasp, using the hand in various positions and improving dexterity. The size has been designed to promote a grasp with an almost open hand and extending the metacarpophalangeal and Interphalangeal joints. Inserting the discs into the pins helps practise the pronosupination of the wrist.

CODE REQUIRED: AR10044 + AR10141 + AR10034


Starting by inserting the cylinders away from each other - even two cylinders will do -, the exercise difficulty is increased adding more cylinders on, so that the cylinder or discs need to be picked up in a “crowded” environment that makes the task more challenging. Discs can also be fitted vertically between cylinders and/or be moved as if they were vehicles on a track; they can also be placed on top of the pins in the shape of a stilt-house.

CODE REQUIRED: AR10045 + AR10141 + AR10034


The magnet helps to pair the half moons, even when the patient experiences serious difficulties with basic tasks. Lifting the metal disc requires greater strength and accuracy. Plates can be brought closer vertically (and dropped down - a very appealing game) or grabbed horizontally. Lifting the plate helps with tasks like pulling the tab in a drinks can, and using coins or buttons. Plates can also be removed with the open palm facing upwards. The special half-moon shape provides an easier grip and an extremely innovative opportunity for interaction.

CODE REQUIRED: AR10045 + AR10135 (x2)


This is devised for hand-eye coordination, to improve dexterity and/or use the correct strength when inserting things. It can also be used to weave coloured ribbons or elastic bands through the cylinders. It is to practise accuracy with movements and the strength required to either extract the cylinders or push them into the holes. The standard set-up for the exercise aid can be subsequently integrated with other similar or different components from the available choice of accessories.

CODE REQUIRED: AR10044 + AR10139


This aid enables the patient to practise better coordination and use of strength when inserting the cylinders. More tasks can be devised, for example weaving coloured ribbons or elastic bands through the cylinders already inserted, or even counting, playing a line-them-up game, creating various shapes.

CODE REQUIRED: AR10045 + AR10139 (x2)


Occupational therapy

Teorema™ project - introduction - Libraries - Configurable tools - Grasp exercises and inserting - The magic snake - To work with one or two hands - Grasping and screwing - Structures - Configurable structures - Configured structures - Ergo mobile station - Key features - Accessories - Work tables - Key features - Models - Technical data - Some accessories - Instrumental evaluations

Brochure, Ed. April 2024, English. 52 pages.

Document date: 01/04/2024
PDF 3.58 MB


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